Week 12

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 15, 2021

Victoria O.


Downsview, for the week of February 16th, we honour Victoria O. as our Student of the Week. Victoria is in the twelfth grade, and in fact, she has just officially graduated.

Normally, this award is reserved for students active in our system. In this case, Mr Lewin advocated for Victoria, saying, “Victoria has officially graduated from Downsview Secondary School. In my humble opinion, winning a Student of the Week Award, in her case for the very first time, would be a great parting gift.” Mr Lewin, the rest of us agree. This remarkable young woman would have certainly come to our attention differently in “normal” times. Celebrating Victoria now makes sense. Here’s more from Mr Lewin: “Victoria is an  outstanding student; she has earned High Honours academically. She is committed to  achieving excellence both in school and in the larger society. Victoria is  a very thoughtful, reflective and detail-oriented young scholar who is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  She ended up with a mark of over 90 percent in the grade 12 Africentric Leadership community. She is a positive role model for others, always willing to help those you are in need. We believe that you are destined to achieve greatness, Victoria!”

And, hear this, from Mr Wallace: “At the centre of Victoria is a calm determination that is infused with a deliberate intelligence. She appears to be the gentlest and kindest of souls, and she is, but you would make a big mistake to consider her a push over. She is relentless, but in a quiet way that you only overlook once. She has this powerful internal process of analysis and questioning that produces work of such depth and polish, but which appears at first like self doubt. Victoria has learned an important truth about ambition, which she has, that it is developed best through humility. Big ideas, big plans, big dreams are honoured by understanding the level of commitment and effort required to attain them. She understands the gifts she has; she understands the opportunities she has to develop them. and she is ready to do the work. But here's the kicker, she isn't only doing it for herself; she is doing it as well for all those she holds close to her heart. It is good for us that her journey has passed through Downsview.”

Finally, from Ms de Jersey: “Victoria, we met just recently, and I wish I had made your acquaintance sooner. Around that inner core of steely strength is, as Mr Wallace notes, humility and kindness and warm collaborative energy. And, you offered great insight into your success when you told me that you ‘handle things right away, as they come up’. You don’t delay; you don’t procrastinate. You are a woman of quick, but thoughtful action. I can’t wait to see the places you will go.”

Victoria, you are now a high school graduate, and we congratulate you on your achievements and on this, your win as Student of the Week.