Week 12

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of December 9, 2019

Ibuola A.

Downsview, for the week of December 9th, your Student of the Week is Ibuola A.
Ibuola is in the eleventh grade and this is the second time he has been honoured with this award.

Today is December 9th, but be assured, Ibuola could have won this award on September 9th or January 13th or any other date on our calendar. He is consistently excellent, consistently involved in many corners of school life.

Hear this, from Chef Sandra and Jodi, our Child and Youth Counsellor, who see him daily in our Breakfast Club: “He is so consistent – always here, always early. Ibuola is direct in his communication with others, and this can come across as blunt, but this is absolutely a positive. Ibuola doesn’t suffer fools. He expects others to rise, to use their minds, to engage and to achieve. Ibuola is a wonderful young man; his work in the Breakfast Club is valued.”

Ms de Jersey adds: “A couple of things about Ibuola: he has a t-shirt that reads something like ‘One day I will be your boss’. Whenever I see it, I feel reassured. Ibuola may be direct in his communication, but he is smart and kind, too. If he is my boss one day, I will feel blessed to work with him. Another thing: I heard that Ibuola brought in a big bag of items for the food drive. Never mistake his bluntness for a lack of caring; Ibuola always has others in mind. And finally: when new students register with us in Guidance, I often find a student to guide that student around, to tour the building. Ibuola is top of the list as a DSS ambassador.”

Mr Syal says: “Ibuola is an excellent student who thrives on academics and strives to his best abilities. I had the pleasure of teaching him for the past two years. He completes his work and then he helps out his friends. I see him every morning in the Breakfast Club. He always has a smile and is ready to serve students and staff. I see a great future for him. Keep up the good work.”

Hear this from Mr Ramnaraine: “Ibuola is on Library Council, and he is a big part of keeping our library organized and progressive. He is a positive person, always willing to lend a hand. Ibuola is also balanced; he knows where to draw lines, to pull himself back to his studies or to other commitments. He is thoughtful and is a very valued member of our Library Council.”

Ibuola earned the second highest average last year in the second semester – over 96%. We’ll say it again: the Student of the Week award is not an academic award. That said, the seriousness with which Ibuola approaches academics is mirrored in the attention he pays to school life. We, Downsview staff and students, are lucky recipients of your gifts, Ibuola. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.