Week 23

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 10, 2021

Shevin B.


Downsview, for the week of May 10th, your Student of the Week is Shevin B.
Shevin is in the twelfth grade; she will graduate soon.

Praise for this accomplished young woman comes from all corners of our school. Let’s start with Mr Lewin: “Shevin is an honour roll student who is destined to achieve greatness. I had the privilege of being Shevin;s teacher for the grade12 Africentric Challenge and Change course. She ended up with a mark of over 90 percent. She demonstrated  tremendous  leadership and a genuine and profound concern for others.  Shevin is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others.There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she will succeed.”

Ms Lee has this to say: “I have taught Shevin for two years in a row and it's no surprise to me that she has been nominated as Student of the Week. Shevin is a natural leader. In class she always lends a hand with fellow classmates if they need help. When new opportunities would arise, Shevin would jump on them. It was a joy to watch her grow in her skill sets but also as a positive role model to her peers. Congratulations Shevin, this recognition is well deserved!”

Hear this, from Mr do Carmo: “I have had the pleasure of Shevin's presence in my Comm. Tech & Yearbook classes a few times. She is a very conscientious and polite person and her work is always outstanding. I attribute her success to the fact that she is not scared to experiment and make mistakes while learning. She is also quick in asking for clarification or help when things are not clear or when her creativity requires some technical support to accomplish. A well deserved Student of the Week. Congratulations, Shevin.”

From Mr Bovey: “I have taught Shevin every year (except for this one) and have always found her to be  personable and fun and have admired how she works very hard at every commitment she makes. What I particularly like is the way that she takes the skills that are taught to her and molds them to suit her needs. You are very deserving of this award, Shevin. Congratulations!”

And this year, Shevin’s English teacher was Mr Wallace. Let’s hear from him: “Shevin is smart, friendly, loyal, hard-working, empathetic, optimistic, cooperative and collaborative in the best way. But she has a secret ingredient: she knows she is lucky. Not in the way that she might be able to coast and things would all work out, but in the sense of gratitude. She knows she has landed in a good place, one that will allow her to flourish, allow her to develop her gifts. And she never takes it for granted. She knows what circumstances her family came from; she knows where hard work, kindness, and looking out for each other have brought them. She knows how she wants to continue these attributes so that the world around her is a better, more supportive, more welcoming place. Shevin has brought this approach to her life at school as a friend, a classmate, and as a student leader. The Downsview community is better for it.”

Shevin, we recognize you and we thank you for bringing the wonder of “you” to us at Downsview for the last four years. Our connection will not end; you will remain a part of the Downsview Family. And speaking of family, we enjoy this sweet photo of you and your little brother. Shevin, Congratulations again on your win as Student of the Week.