Week 23

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 1, 2019

Asher S., Jenny L. & Sia C.


Downsview, for the week of April 1st, we celebrate a trio of students as your Students of the Week. They are Sia C., of the tenth grade, Jenny L. of the tenth grade, and Asher S., of the ninth grade.

Ask anyone, staff or students, who know Asher, Jenny and Sia for their thoughts about these three. The responses are resoundingly positive. Here are some of the words that came to the fore, from various staff members: “really, really nice and so friendly”, “great smiles, and smart, too”, “always polite and kind”, and “I wish my own kids were more like them.” This is pretty high praise, but it's well-earned. Let's hear from their first nominator, Mr Syal: “I had a pleasure of teaching these young people.   They are also part of the Robotics Team. As members of the team, they made a beautiful display in the math/science hallway.  They worked very hard to erase 20 years of graffiti on the board. Jenny and Sia are very dedicated to their school and to their learning.  In class, they work very hard to achieve excellence. Asher is in grade 9 and he has fallen in love with Robotics. His dedication was admired when he and his dad's company, Sadari Renovations, donated $3000.  His generous donation made it possible for the team have a competitive robot.   I see bright future for these three students.”

Hear this, Asher, from Mr Rose: “You have proven determination, intelligence, and willingness to learn. You are always at school, in uniform, and on time. Congratulations on being nominated a student of the week. Keep up the good work.” And, Asher, hear this from Ms Alli: “Asher is a member of the Badminton Team this year and he is a pleasure to coach!  He is dedicated to the team, friendly, knowledgeable and kind.  I look forward to seeing Asher develop as a student, athlete and leader in the years to come.   He is an asset to the Downsview community.  Congrats Asher!”

Hear this, Jenny and Sia, from Ms de Jersey: “You two are marvelous. You do my heart good, every time I see you. You are positive, kind and approachable, but you are not marshmallows. In other words, you show us that being 'nice' doesn't mean that you don't have personality and brilliance. Students teach teachers; you two teach me, and remind me often of how I want to treat others.”

And from Mr Bovey: “Jenny: Jenny was in my Careers class and was quietly efficient in her work. She always asked for clarification when she was unclear but still ensured that all her work in on time. She also asked questions during the class that helped improve the understanding of the classroom material for all the learners, a very helpful trait. Sia: Sia was in my Careers class and outshone the rest of the class during her Culminating Activity. This activity required all students to attend a mock interview for a future job. Sia came in dressed very professionally and did so well that I would have hired her on the spot! The same attention to detail was apparent in all the work that she did for this course. Asher: Asher came out for the Badminton team and quickly showed that he had all the right stuff! He always helped with set-up and tear-down and is a very enthusiastic supporter of his teammates. His badminton skills have also helped elevate the team's winning percentage to the point where we beat Westview last week!”

High accolades go out to you, Sia, to you, Jenny and to you, Asher. You excel on all fronts; you are leaders, you are academics and you are engaged members of our community. And now, you are Students of the Week.