Week 23 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
April 8, 2024

Diana D.


Downsview, for the week of April 8th, your Student of the Week is Diana D.
Diana is in the twelfth grade; this is her graduating year.

Let’s get right to the praise for this noteworthy young woman. First, let’s hear from Mr Hum: “Having the privilege of teaching Diana in both Kinesiology and Biology, I’ve seen her grow as a solid student ready for the post-secondary level. Diana is a hard working student who pushes herself and her friends around her to compete and thrive academically. I am confident that she will do well in university based on her work ethic. Congrats and keep up the great work, Diana!”

Hear this, from Ms Lee: “Congratulations to Diana for being awarded Student of the Week! Diana's dedication to volunteering with the Truth and Reconciliation Committee speaks volumes about her character and commitment to making a positive impact in our school community. Her efforts in facilitating school-wide initiatives and fundraising initiatives demonstrate her compassion, dependability, and strong work ethic.
Diana's peers are lucky to have someone like her, who shows genuine care and support. Her ability to get things done with high regard is commendable. Well done, Diana!”

And, Mr Kindred writes: “I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Diana in both my grade 11 and grade 12 English classes.  If there's a word to describe her conduct as a student it would be: consistent. My fondest memory of Diana was when she handed in all her late assignments. I become emotional when I think about it because I honestly never thought it would happen. Diana has many irons in the fire which can, at times, preclude her from getting things submitted in a timely manner. Whereas a lesser educator would no doubt bristle at this dereliction of duty, I took it in stride; recognising that school is, among other things, a burgeoning community as well as a facility for education.
Diana has helped not only her community, but also the school at large. She is an enthusiastic member of the Filipino Club which does wonders for the sizable (and growing)  population of Filipinos at the school. She assists in bake sales, speaking events, and a great many other things so that students coming here from afar can feel welcome and safe. Diana has even given me a special name in Tagalog:  ‘kal-bong  tal-u-nan’ which, translated into English, means: ‘wonderful teacher’. I was honoured by the title and distinction and I hope that I can live up to it. Congratulations Diana, I am certain this is but one of the many accolades you shall be receiving in the future!”

And finally, from Ms de Jersey: “Diana, you have been in the wings for this award for months. You are a leader at Downsview, and you’re at the heart of good things that happen here. Your friendliness runs deep - you are kind, observant and inclusive, folding others into events that shape, as Mr Kindred calls it, our ‘burgeoning community’, with ease and grace. And Diana, you are also intelligent. It’s too easy to meet young women like you and move towards adjectives like ‘kind’ and ‘empathetic’, tapping into gendered stereotypes. You are these things, but you are also very wise, Diana, and your wisdom is woven into your involvement.  The Truth and Reconciliation Team and the Filipino Club are better for your leadership. You owned the stage as a host for our alumni event in the Fall. Diana, you radiate an intelligent energy that is boundless and we at DSS are better for this. Thank you.”

Diana, you heard it here. You are a valued member of the Downsview community. You are deeply deserving of the title: Student of the Week.