Co-Curricular Clubs

Co-Curricular Activities at Downsview

Outside the classroom, Downsview offers many opportunities for student engagement.

You might ask:

1)    Are you interested in making our school and community a more eco-friendly place?
2)    Maybe you love layout or writing and want to help publish our student newspaper?
3)    Are you passionate about issues of equity and fairness for ALL students?
4)    Maybe you crave the opportunity to expand your love of science through robotics?
5)    Are you interested in learning more about different cultures, and showing off your own?
6)    Are you an afficionado of all things French?
7)    Maybe you are a senior student, looking to mentor others and exercise your leadership skills?
8)    Maybe you want to spend your time working to raise funds and create awareness about others in 
       need in our community and the world?
9)    Are you interested in expressing yourself through art as we create a new Downsview mural?
10)  Do you want to make sure students at Downsview have a strong and active role in our school?
11)  Maybe you love to play an instrument or want to learn to play as a band?
12)  Are you community-minded, interested in change and growing as a leader?
13)  Do you want to get our school day started by announcing all that's news at DSS?
14)  Are you interested in Athletics at Downsview, not just as a player, but as an organizer and leader?
15)  Are you new to Canada, looking for ways to get involved and become a part of the school and community?

We have the answers! Join:

1)    We Green
2)    The Newspaper Club
3)    The QSA (Queer Student Association)
4)    The Robotics Club
5)    The Multicultural Club
6)    The French Club
7)    Student Leaders
8)    Dare 2 Inspire
9)    The Mural Makers
10)  Student Council  
11)  School Band
12)  Generation Change
13)  Radio Downsview
14)  Downsview Athletic Association
15)  New Canadian Club

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