Week 11 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
December 4, 2023

Adyam H.


Downsview, for the week of December 4th, your Student of the Week is Adyam H.
Adyam is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

We’re going to get right to the praise for our recipient, as folks from all corners of DSS stand applauding for Adyam. Here we go, with words from Mr Hum: “Adyam is a very intelligent student with lots of potential. Her curiosity for science mixes with a thirst for knowledge, a recipe for success. Adyam is also very well-rounded. I ran out of fingers and toes when counting the numerous organizations, clubs, and initiatives she is part of. Adyam is not only a great student and dedicated volunteer, she is also an amazing person who cares for those around her. She is always willing to help those struggling, whether it's helping those in need or just saying a prayer for those who need the support. Thank you Adyam for all that you do for Downsview and the school community. Congratulations and keep up the amazing work!”

And, from Ms Lee: “Adyam is intelligent, responsible and a high achiever! In the Sisterhood, Tools of Possibility and the TRC, I see her passion. I see her conscientiousness and compassion.  She cares for her friends, family and community and treats everyone with kindness and an open lens. She brings strength and unity in these groups through her contributions in discussions and interactions. Adyam's self-confidence has grown over the years and I can't wait to see what more she can do! Way to go, Adyam!”

Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “Adyam knows what's at stake. She knows that opportunities are spaces for growth, spaces for testing her abilities, her gifts so she learns what she needs to do to reach higher. Reaching high, then higher, that's Adyam. At the same time, Adyam understands that rising is not a solitary selfish act; it's about working in community. She takes care of her academics, dedicates herself to Robotics and Tools of Possibility and Black Brilliance, among other initiatives. In everything she does, there is a clarity of purpose that is a model for others: what can we do? What will we do? What will we achieve? None of this is easy or straightforward, but engaging with it all is a habit, one that makes everything around her better.”

From Ms Reid: “Adyam is truly an exceptional student whose remarkable qualities have not gone unnoticed. Her extraordinary work ethic, strong moral compass, and innate ability to lead with grace are just some of the traits that you will immediately notice about Adyam. I had the privilege of teaching Adyam last year and witnessed first-hand her fervent commitment to excellence through her diligent approach to tasks and projects. 

This year I have the good fortune of working with Adyam in the Christian Club and Black Student Alliance. In both spaces, she consistently demonstrates a deep sense of integrity, responsibility, active leadership, and positively influences those around her. Without a doubt, the list of Adyam's admirable qualities can go on and on. It is with great enthusiasm that I commend her continued success and genuine passion for making our school community the warm and inclusive space that it is. Heartiest congratulations to you, Adyam!”

Ms de Jersey adds: “Adyam lives as we all should, with her eyes wide open to the beauty, the questions, the possibilities that bubble up around her. Adyam, you come by your joyful wisdom honestly, and our school is all the better for it. Whether you are conducting a session at Black Brilliance, Walking for the Bot or acing a course, you bring dignity to the fore. Thank you.”

Dr Syal has this to say: “I have the pleasure of teaching Adyam in my Physics class. Everyday she comes to class with millions of questions about the homework. I am glad someone at Downsview completed their homework.  I was very impressed with her confidence as a speaker. At Tools of Possibility she spoke with confidence and represented her school.  Downsview is blessed to have her as a student.  I wish Adyam best of luck with future endeavors.”

Ms Persaud says: “I first had the pleasure of teaching Adyam in grade 9 English. I quickly realized she is a special student, full of so much potential. Now in grade 11, my thoughts are confirmed. In addition to maintaining high academic marks, Adyam was involved in Black Brilliance and Student Council and currently participates in the Girls Book Club, among other clubs. She is a kind, passionate and hard working student and I am confident her future will be as bright as her smile! Congratulations, Adyam!”

You heard it here, Adyam. You are admired, respected and deeply valued here at Downsview. Congratulations once again on earning the title: Student of the Week.