Week 11

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of December 2, 2019

Adesh L. & Megan A.


Downsview, for the week of December 2nd, we are proudly honour two students as Students of the Week: Adesh L. and Megan A., both of the twelfth grade.

Haer this, from Mr Wallace: “Not your average students. Adesh and Megan shared their artistic talents with the city recently at the opening of an art show at 'A Different Booklist' at Bathurst and Bloor, featuring art by Downsview students. While their art speaks volumes about their vision of the world, they also spoke in a heart-felt way about their journeys of creation. Their work did not need any qualifier. It was art; not 'high-school' art. In some ways, the traditional education approach has not worked particularly well for either Adesh or Megan. Until recently, Adesh had not been doing what others do. School wasn't a good fit. But because he was at Downsview and because he developed good relationships here, he found a way to let his genius show. Megan has been restless for a number of years, searching for a place that gets her particular vision. Megan loves a project, whether it is helping to write the Musical, or pioneering on the school's podcast, or writing, or creating paintings that are bigger than she is. She is able to bring her whole self in these situations: her analysis, her spirit, her heart and her craft. The fact of life is struggle: Adesh and Megan have embraced this fact and have found themselves strong. Their smiles tell the result. We can only smile along with them.”

Ms Walker continues: “ I popped in the art show, not wanting to miss the opportunity of seeing DSS work on display. The wall was an awe-inspiring gallery with a room full of interested and interesting people. Not having taught Adesh or Megan, I briefly chatted with each. I was impressed with the strength of position, artistic passion, and growing independence of two art-dedicated youth. DSS proud.”

And from our Vice-Principal, Ms Forde:  “Adesh: I am inspired by Adesh’s passion for creative self-expression. His commitment to using his artwork as a medium to explore his Indigenous culture and heritage positions him as an arts-educator! His teachings (manifested on canvas) are a gift to us all. Megan: Megan’s artistic skills and her love for the arts is uplifting. She has taken creative risks to express her voice in an authentic and engaging way. Megan is an excellent representation of the spirit of Downsview!”

It’s not hard to defend the importance of art in our schools, in our lives. Art compels thought, feeling, reflection, opinions and ideas. The creation of art changes us and taking in thoughtfully-constructed art also changes us. Thank you, Megan and thank you Adesh, for being change-makers, for being artists. Congratulations on your show at      A Different Booklist, and congratulations on your wins as Students of the Week.