Week 11

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 8, 2021

Julliene P.


Downsview, for the week of February 8th, 2021, your Student of the Week is Julliene P.
Julliene is in the ninth grade.

In “normal” times, it takes a while for ninth grade students to rise up and distinguish themselves for attention as Students of the Week. Simply put, staff members know other students better and see their accomplishments more easily. The realities of our masked, distanced times makes Julliene’s win even more impressive. 

Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “I have never met Julliene in person, a sign of these Covid times, and yet here I am singing her praises, a sign of her early impact at Downsview. Julienne participated in the Young Writer's Conference in the fall, representing Downsview. At the end of the conference there was an open mic conversation between students and the guest authors. Julienne took the opportunity to speak insightfully about writing while providing focused and supportive feedback to other students. Her comments were spot on. Most of the participants were senior students, but this did not phase Julliene. She has her voice, there is no reason for her to be silent. She is now taking a leadership role in the Podcast Club. In different times, the Downsview community would know this grade 9 student more widely, but for now, she is taking the opportunities as they come and running with them with confidence, energy and intelligence. Can't wait to see what happens next.”

From Ms Selzer: “ I was fortunate to have Julliene in my French class this past quad. She is a model student. Her positive attitude is truly infectious. She is an enthusiastic learner and always makes a valuable contribution to the class.”

And, from Silvana: “Great choice for student of the Week.  Julliene is a student leader who takes a lead and stand regardless of whether she has peers to support her.  She reminds me of a strong bird who can fly solo, held aloft by her beliefs and passions. Julliene, you are impressing us in your grade nine year. I can’t imagine the impact you will make at DSS during the years ahead.”

Finally, from Ms de Jersey: “I’ve said it before - the Student of the Week Award celebrates character, not academics. That said, do character and academics often merge? Yes. Underlying Julliene’s excellent academic results is character. In quad one English class, Julliene’s fierce passion, her deep intelligence, her maturity, her attention to detail and her collaborative energy were infectious. She lights up a classroom. It was an honour to be her teacher. Congratulations, Julliene.”

Julliene, you are the perfect choice to usher in another quadmester. Congratulations once again, Julliene. You are our Student of the Week.