Knowledge is Power!

Downsview Secondary School is a dynamic learning community where all members share a commitment to ensuring that every student achieves success. We are proud to offer challenging programs that allow students to pursue their interests and develop the knowledge and skills required to be successful in any post secondary pathway. By joining the Downsview family, your child will be a member of the DOWNSVIEW ADVANTAGE! This new and unique programming offers our students the Downsview STEM and LEADERSHIP Advantage! The Dowsview STEM advantage will  provide students with enriched Science, Technology and Math courses, while The Downsview Leadership Advantage will provide leadership courses that will shape the future leaders of tomorrow.



The AFRICENTRIC ADVANTAGE offered at Downsview Secondary School is the leading Africentric program available in the west end of the city. Grade 9 and 10 compulsory courses have an Africentric focus and approach to learning. The curriculum draws from African-centered sources of knowledge and perspectives to create a rich and diverse educational experience. The program will resonate with students and seeks to strengthen positive self concept and promote academic excellence. Students in our Africentric program have the luxury of enrolling in our the Arts  Advantage as well.


The Arts Advantage is a specialized program that provides an enriched learning experience in the arts – drama, dance, music and visual arts. This is achieved through a variety of classroom experiences and co-curricular activities. The Arts Advantage at Downsview Secondary School will increase interpersonal skills, confidence, motivation to succeed along with preparation for the post-secondary opportunities. From the curious beginner to the experienced artist, our Art Program will have you engaged and inspired.


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