Week 28

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of June 14, 2021

Te'jah M. & Kimone G.

Te'jah  Kimone

Downsview, for the week of June 14th, we celebrate two amazing students: Te'jah M. and Kimone G., both of the eleventh grade. Te’jah and Kimone are the final students to be celebrated for this, the 2020-2021 school year.

The words you will hear about this dynamic duo are evidence of their suitability for this coveted last spot on our roster of excellent students. Let’s start, with this, from Mr Lewin: “Te’jah and Kimone are  excellent students who are determined to make a positive difference in school and in the wider society. Their commitment to achieving excellence is truly inspirational. Both students are currently in Downsview's Africentric program. In the past, they have played a leadership role in terms of helping to organize Downsview's award winning Black Brilliance conference. This school year, they participated in a number of uplifting and empowering initiatives and played a leadership role at several events, including the African Diaspora Youth Conference, Uncle Tom's Cabin Virtual Tour and U of T's Black Students Conference. In closing, Te'jah and Kimone are remarkable leaders who are determined to make the world a more equitable and just place in which to live both now and for future generations. They are destined to achieve greatness. Keep up the amazing work, Te'jah and Kimone!”

From Ms Lee: “Te'jah and Kimone are strong, smart and kind. They understand the meaning of community and giving back. Te'jah and Kimone volunteered for school wide initiatives such as Orange Shirt Day and fundraising for the Sistering community centre. They made bath bombs, baked cupcakes after school, and ran sales at lunch. Their contributions helped make these initiatives successful. Kimone displays a strong work ethic. She takes pride in her work and her creativeness shines through in all that she does. Te'jah's confidence has grown exponentially this year. She participates in class and is engaged in her work while providing excellence. It has been a delight to see this dynamic duo raise each other up and bring their classmates along with them. Congratulations to you both, this award is well deserved! Looking forward to your continued success!”

And, from Mr Phillips: “Te'jah is probably one of the most determined individuals I've ever had the pleasure to teach. She knows that life doesn't hand things to you and that you need to work to get where you want to be. I know that whatever Te'jah decides to do it will be done well and there will be hours of work behind every task she does. We are all going to be in good hands when Te'jah hits the workforce! Congratulations Te'jah! You've earned it!”

Finally, from Mr Wallace: “Te'jah and Kimone are good friends and they share a quiet strength that is becoming a little less quiet as time goes on. They take the measure of the situation before they act; they take the measure of a person before they trust. That careful nature means that when they do act, when they do engage, they are all in. They are pushing themselves now towards big things, confident that the world is ready for them and confident that they can handle whatever comes. They are proof that even in Covid times our Downsview students continue to grow.”

Te’Jah and Kimone, how lucky are we at Downsview, that we get to see you grow for one more year? The answer is: we are extraordinarily lucky. Thank you both, and congratulations once again on your wins as Students of the Week.