Week 28

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 6, 2019

Alexander O. and Kardell M.


Downsview, for the week of May 6th, we honour two young men as Students of the Week. They are Kardell M. and Alexander O., both of the eleventh grade.

This nomination originated with Ms Johnson. Let’s hear from her first: “Kardell is a wonderful young man who has been able to persevere through many obstacles. He is outspoken and uses his voice to make others hear his beliefs and stands firm in his convictions. This year, I have had the opportunity to teach him and work closely with him during the Black Brilliance Conference. He spoke on behalf of Downsview at the Black Brilliance Conference in Scarborough and shared the importance of spreading the roots, so that as a community we can all rise. Rise to overcome adversity, rise over ignorance, rise as individuals and rise into our full potential. Kardell, I am very proud of you and I really look forward to seeing you soar into your fullest potential! You are blessed!

Alex has such a calm spirit. He demonstrates great character and also shined during Downsview's Black Brilliance Conference. Most recently, he demonstrated courage to speak up about how he is inspired to exemplify greatness as a young black man in society. He spoke with poise and inspired many other young black youths to be encouraged, believe in themselves and see that this life is a marathon. The race is not for the swift but those who can endure! Keep fighting the good fight Alex. Continue to walk in your integrity! You are blessed!”

Let’s hear more from Ms Volkening: “Kardell and Alexander are a pleasure to teach. Their insight and thought-provoking ideas add to class discussions and presentations. As Africentric students, they have proven that they embody strong leadership qualities as workshop facilitators during Black Brilliance and during other speaking engagements at which they have represented the school. I can see them in the future wanting to make changes for a better society that is more equitable and just. Back in 2016, Kardell was fortunate to attend Harvard University and he was inspired by the educator and poet Akeem Lloyd who says, ‘Work for what you want and strive for, and never undercut yourself’. This statement speaks to both Alex and Kardell's journey as they demonstrate their confidence, tenacity, and strong voice within and outside of the classroom. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer next year at Downsview!”

Kardell, Alexander, your teachers speak of your strength, your passion and your leadership. Thank you for exercising your considerable powers and being such vital voices in our school and community. Congratulations once again Alexander, and congratulations Kardell, on your wins as Students of the Week.