Week 8

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 11, 2019

Berfin I., Shevin B. & Meena A.


Downsview, for the week of November 11th, we celebrate three wonderful young women as Students of the Week. They are: Meena A., Shevin B. and Berfin I. All three are in the eleventh grade.

Their nomination comes from Ms Stuckless and Ms de Jersey, close witnesses to over two years of fine leadership from Meena, Shevin and Berfin. Hear this, from Ms Stuckless: “I have worked with this group since they were brand new grade nine students. They came through our doors bursting with ideas that they were ready to work on. They are always very organized and dependable. They work hard planning to support events, and go the extra mile to make things work. They give their time generously, work collegially with others, draw in new members and are not afraid to take the lead. They are great assets to our school and our community. Shevin, Berfin and Meena recently MC'd when eighth grade students from Pierre LaPorte and Beverly Heights middle schools visited, and they did a great job.”

Ms de Jersey continues with this: “There are many excellent qualities in Shevin, Berfin and Meena. Flexibility and the ability to pivot, to change direction is one. An hour before 165 Pierre LaPorte students arrived at our doors, we discovered an auditorium that was not ready and could not be made ready for our guests. A relocation to the cafeteria was necessary – a less ideal space, but, the only space possible. Shevin, Berfin and Meena showed leadership in preparing the space, and rolling with the change. Was the presentation perfect? No, nothing is perfect. But it was well-organized, dignified and clear. These three worked together, faced a challenge and kept moving. They respect each other's voices, and they respect their peers and they respect their audience. The practice they have had in hosting eighth graders a few times now is showing, and I can't imagine better ambassadors of our school. On another note, as Dare 2 Inspire members, they show caring in action, evidenced by their fundraising efforts for the 16km walk we took on Friday. As always, they put strong effort into fundraising, and walked a long way for good causes. And, as students in Positive Peer Culture class, I have seen their quiet power in understanding and 'seeing' others. I am proud to stand by Meena, Shevin and Berfin – they model kind, intelligent leadership. I learn from them.”

When Ms Delavinias heard that this trio had won this honour, she said, “ I have never taught them, but I wish I had! These are the students every teacher wants to know.” Mr Bovey compliments their “friendliness, their consistency in facing challenges and not shying away, and their deep involvement at our school”. True and accurate accolades from all. Meena, Shevin and Berfin, we salute you, our very worthy Students of the Week.