Week 8 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
November 13, 2023

Le V.


Downsview, for the week of November 13th, your Student of the Week is Le V.
Le is in the ninth grade at Downsview.

Leadership is important to us at Downsview. We value burgeoning leaders, and we rely on student leaders. This is, after all, your school. Our Student of the Week, Le, is a leader.

Let’s hear about Le, first from Ms Lee: “It's been so much fun getting to know Le. Le demonstrated excellent leadership during the preparation and presentation for the Tools of Possibilities workshop in Cosmetic Science. Le was very responsible during the planning and brought great ideas to the table. 

During the presentation, nerves and excitement were high but you'd never know it. Le remained calm and composed. He presented with enthusiasm and was eager to share and educate our feeder school students. I was pretty proud of him. I know I can count on Le. He advocates, is accountable, communicative and thoughtful to others. Le, you're a shining star around here. Keep up the great work!”

And, from Ms Broekhof: “Le is definitely a leader in the making.  He is always asking questions in class. He is on top of his work and wants to make a positive contribution to everything.  He is always trying his best and helping others with anything - especially computers!”

Mr do Carmo has this to say: “Le started in my class at the beginning of October due to the many timetable changes that took place at Downsview at that time. Not only did he choose to do the work from the beginning of the semester, but he managed to get 100% on everything he submitted. Quite an accomplishment. He also has a very pleasant demeanor which makes him easy to be around and talk with. Le is a student who is not afraid to ask questions to clarify any concepts that are not clear, which leads toward excellent work. Keep up the great work, Le.”

And, let’s wrap up with this, from Mr Kindred: “Le is in my English class and he is an absolute joy to have as a student. When he hits the flow state, which is often, Le is a frequent contributor to our in class discussions; infusing the discourse with levity, empathy, and a unique point of view. The energy that Le brings each day is consistent and infectious. He cares deeply about his work and endeavors to put his best effort into all of his assignments. In addition to academics, Le has demonstrated his compassion and empathy towards his classmates and the school community as a whole. I wish you all the best, Le.”

Le, you heard it here. You are valued and your leadership is seen by the Downsview community. We are fortunate to have you here, Le. What will the next few years of your high school career bring? The sky is the limit. Congratulations, Le, once again on your win as Student of the Week.