Week 8

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 12, 2018

Temitola A.

Temitola A

Downsview, for the week of November 12th, your Student of the Week is Temitola A.
Temitola is in the twelfth grade and will graduate in June, 2019.

Recently, some twelfth grade students were looking ahead to graduation and musing over the question: who will be our valedictorian? Names were tossed about and discussed, and Temitola’s was one of these names. It was very clear that students “get” Temitola. They see not only her academic strength – Temitola’s lowest mark this semester is a 91% - , but her quiet power and her die-hard perseverance. These very qualities are the backbone of Temi’s nomination.

Let’s hear from her fans. First, from Silvana: “Temitola is everywhere. She has a sweet quiet demeanour but she is a powerful force at DSS. Whenever staff need any support or a club needs a leader she steps up to the plate. Temitola, thank you for always offering your help, support and ideas to make DSS the amazing place it is. Congratulations!”

Ms Randhawa adds: “I taught Temitola in Drama last semester. She was very helpful to both myself and her peers. Each and every day, she showed great effort and participated in all class activities. It was a pleasure to have her in my class, her dramatic performances are missed.”

Ms Alli says: “I have had the privilege of having Temitola in two of my classes, and she is pleasure to teach. She is confident, smart, committed to her studies and funny. She is a leader and a positive addition to the Downsview community. I am so proud of you!”

Finally, hear this, from Chef Sandra who launched Temitola’s nomination: “Temitola has been by my side in the Breakfast Club for over a year now, and I consider myself lucky. Temitola takes initiative, she is forward-thinking, knows what needs to get done, and does it. She can run things in the Breakfast Program all by herself! Temi is extremely punctual. What many people don’t realize about Temitola is her depth – she is quiet, but don’t be deceived. Temi is deep.”

The only surprise attached to Temitola’s win is that she has not received this honour since ninth grade. Her humility means that she may not always receive the recognition she deserves. Well, we’re giving it to you big-time here, Temitola. Congratulations once again to you, our very deserving Student of the Week.