Week 8

Week 8

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 22nd, 2021

Ayomide J.

Ayo J.


Downsview, for the week of November 15th, your Student of the Week is Ayomide Jegede. Ayomide is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.


Ayomide’s nomination started with this, from Mr Lewin: “Ayomide Jegede has a bright future ahead of her. She is a grade 12 student who is a positive  role model for her peers through her hard work and commitment to achieving excellence both in school and in life. Ayomide is a  compassionate and thoughtful woman who will be attending  university in the Fall of 2022 to study International Law. She is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Currently Ayomide is a peer tutor. She is also a member of the Downsview Student Council.  In addition, she is part of Downsview 's Black Brilliance Committee. The sky is truly the limit for Ayomide . She is destined to achieve greatness.”


And, hear this, from Ms Randhawa: “Ayomide is such a cheerful personality to interact with! Her interest in learning new things, and helping her peers is delightful. She is our Social Media Rep for Student Council and is doing a wonderful job in the role. Keep up the good work.”


Ms Ceroni (also known as Ms Sonia) adds: “Where to begin? Ayomide is an amazing student. She constantly demonstrates positivity and kindness to all. Her dedication and perseverance to strive for excellence is truly outstanding. She is a true Leader. Congrats Ayomide.”


From Silvana: “A mature student who always has a smile on.  She is a strong leader who is always advocating for the wellbeing of students and the school.  She stands up for what is right and always tries to push students to be better. Ayomide, what an honour.  Congrats on this achievement. You deserve this recognition.”


And, finally, from Mr Wallace: “We talk a lot about leadership, how important it is. But what is it? Ayomide provides an answer. It starts with how she is willing to step into a space to see what is there. She might question and doubt, but she sticks around until she can figure things out. And then she tries things that are new, that are hard, that are messy. And she keeps going, cracking a smile and laughing when things get awkward. She keeps going when she doesn't have all the answers. She keeps going when others fall away. A willingness to risk, to be curious, to embrace the mess of life, to be optimistic and tenacious. Leadership? Ayomide has an answer.”


Ayomide, the admiration for you spans this school. You are loved and respected here, and we see your deep value, as a student, as a mentor, as a person. Congratulations once again, Ayomide. You have earned the title: Student of the Week.