Read a book, read a magazine, read a newspaper: these are the kinds of reading we expect, but there are many other kinds of reading: reading a movie, reading a website, reading a room, reading a website, reading a face, reading a gesture.

Here is the truth: we read the world. When we read, we are actively engaged in creating meaning in the world.

Read! You are doing it right now whether you know it or not.

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Read Daily: Use the Library

 Reading is a critical part of building your knowledge and skills throughout the year. It is also fun. Don't forget to visit the library. Set a goal: aim to read one book a month !

For more information, visit the Toronto Public Website: or the Downsview Secondary School library at

OSSLT: The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

The Literacy Test is on March 27,2014. Grade ten students, and senior students who are new to the country will write the test for the first time. Many of the students who wrote in the past and were not successful will write the test again.

The test can only be written on the one day per year; there are no make up dates.

It is a requirment of graduation that a student passes the course, or if unsuccessful, completes the Ontario Literacy Course.

There are many resources to use to help prepare a student for the test at the provincial office that administers the test:
In addition to working with the practice materials, a key strategy is to read non-fiction material, such as newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and books, such as histories, biographies, and books on ideas and trends.

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OSSLT Survey