Africentric Secondary Program

Africentric Secondary Program @ D.S.S.

Grade 9 and 10 students from across the city can be part of an Africentric Secondary Program offered at Downsview SS in the west.

This program includes an Africentric approach to learning that is embedded in core grade 9 and 10 courses. The curriculum draws on African-centered sources of knowledge and perspectives to create a rich and diverse educational experience that builds an environment of high academic achievement, increased student engagement and enriched cultural pride for all students.

The program is open to all students interested in taking Grade 9 and 10 courses with this focus.

Students in Downsview SS's Africentric Program can take four grade 9 compulsory courses (English, Math and Geography) or grade 10 courses with an Africentric focus. Located in the west end of Toronto, Downsview SS is a vibrant and dynamic school that offers a variety of academic programs and extracurricular activities for students.

Africentric Promotional Video


Africentric Brochure 1


Africentric Brochure 2

Interested? Submit a completed application package to the office at Downsview SS. The package should include:
◾A letter explaining why you are interested in program
◾An optional attendance form
◾A copy of your most recent Grade 8 Report Card
◾A completed application form