Week 27

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 29, 2019

Manuela T., Nayeli F., Kayli R.


Downsview, for the week of April 29th, it is a pleasure to award three young women with the title of Student of the Week. They are: Nayeli F. of the twelfth grade, Kayli R. of the ninth grade, and Manuela T., of the twelfth grade.

Hear this from their nominator, Ms Williamson: “Kayli is a grade 9 student who I had the pleasure of teaching in drama. Kayli is a great student and encourages others with her kindness and work ethic. She is a quiet and organized leader inside and outside of class.

Like Kayli, her cousin Nayeli was key in making sure many of the Hispanic events ran smoothly, especially the pupusa sales. If you didn’t try one of her mother's pupusas from Panchitas be sure to jump on the opportunity next time. Thank you, Nayeli for connecting Downsview students with your family business. Nayeli also very quickly spread the word about the Hispanic meetings and encouraged others to find their voice and join in. Students who usually stay on the sidelines came out and shared the culture and ideas with the schools due to Nayeli's encouragement.

Another integral leader during the week-long celebration was Manuela. We all really appreciated her voice last week, literally on the school intercom or the karaoke mic. I hope she continues to share her culture with others in such positive ways. Manuela was instrumental in ensuring the fiesta last Thursday was fun for everyone, when she went out of her way to ensure all students were involved and created an inclusive atmosphere for all to dance. She even danced with me!

I really appreciated their leadership last week in organizing and planning these events. They were creative, organized and relentless in ensuring events ran smoothly. I learned a lot from these three young ladies and hope they continue to advocate for cultural events in the future as they were able to demonstrate their Hispanic pride in ways that were inclusive for all the school. Congratulations Manuela, Nayeli and Kayli!”

Mr Rose adds: “Congratulations to both Nayeli and Manuela for becoming Students of the Week. I am so proud to have been their 2018 Tech. Design teacher. They both displayed a passion for the course and performed very well. Again, Nayeli and Manuela, keep working hard and believing in yourself and success shall follow you everywhere you go.” Ms de Jersey notes: “I am just getting to know Kayli, and while marks do not always tell a clear story, hers may. In first semester, Kayli did fine. In second semester, kayli’s marks are markedly improved. The story I am reading is that she is finding her voice, and moving ahead with confidence. This takes work and dedication, Kayli. Congratulations.”

Let’s end with a definition. Heritage: the features belonging to the culture of a society, including traditions, language, food, buildings and a recognition of both history and the present. When Nayeli, Kayli and Manuela set about organizing Hispanic Heritage Month, they were mindful of all that “heritage” encompasses. What they may not have realized is that heritage is ever-changing. Their efforts have enhanced their own heritage by gently but enthusiastically sweeping us in and including us in this important month. Nayeli, Kayli and Manuela, felicitaciones por su √©xito!