Week 27

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of June 7, 2021

Jhon Marc D.


Downsview, for the week of June 7th, your Student of the Week is Jhon Marc D.
Jhon Marc is in the twelfth grade; he will graduate in just a few weeks.

Praise for Jhon Marc comes from all corners of our school. Let’s hear first from Mr Hum: “Although I've only known Jhon for just over half a virtual quadmester and I can't put a face to the name yet, I've come to know Jhon as a confident young man with lots of potential and a bright future ahead of him. In Kinesiology class, Jhon picks up concepts very quickly and asks intelligent questions that connect the material to real world situations/topics. Jhon also has a great sense of humour, which everyone in class can attest to. We can all appreciate a good laugh nowadays, especially on a virtual platform. Jhon, keep up the great work! We're all excited for you as you move onto your post secondary career!”

And, hear this, from Ms Galati: “Hard-working, diligent, well-mannered, organized, team oriented. JM is ready for the next challenge. It was a pleasure meeting him in the Business Management Leadership class.”

Mr Syal has this to say: “I had the pleasure of teaching Physics to Jhon. This is the first year I taught him. He is a dedicated student who always came to school with a positive attitude. He always treated his colleagues and his teachers with respect.  I am hoping to see him in the future, achieving great success.”

Here are Mr Wallace’s thoughts about Jhon Marc: “It is often the quiet ones who astonish. Jhon Marc is one of those. He does not put himself forward, but neither does he hide. He is the effective connector, not because he wants to be the center of attention, but because he carefully observes the people around him and sees who needs to be brought into the circle. This ability comes from a deep kindness that is not just part of a moral code, but also because it is how he sees  how the world should work: when we join together, we are stronger. Jhon Marc extends this way of being into his writing and photography. I will let others discuss his photographic skill, but it is no surprise that his photograph was chosen for this year's cover of the TDSB's Short Fiction Contest. Jhon Marc lives life with an open heart and so is open to the beauty of life's possibilities even as it opens himself up to vulnerability. But that is part of Jhon Marc's secret: in being honest about the full range of life, he creates a welcoming place for others. The world can be a difficult place; Jhon Marc makes it a little easier for all who have the privilege of knowing him.”

And finally, this, from Mr Chapman: "Jhon Marc is da-bomb.com! A talented artist, a hard working student, and the recipient of the Best Photographer Award this year in Photography class. Easy choice, to honour Jhon Marc this week."

Jhon Marc, Mr Chapman had it right. Reflecting on the words here, you were indeed an easy choice. You will remain part of the DSS community, Jhon Marc. Congratulations once again on achieving the title: Student of the Week.