Week 27 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
May 6, 2024

Ashley B. 


Downsview, for the week of May 6th, your Student of the Week is Ashley B.
Ashley is in the tenth grade at Downsview.

Perhaps you are thinking: I don’t know Ashley. Who is she? The answer is a two-parter. You do know Ashley through her impressive art installations. She has worked with the Truth and Reconciliation team, and others, creating beautiful, relevant posters and banners. The other part to this answer is: you will know Ashley if you don’t already, as she grows into leadership at Downsview.

Hear this, from Ms de Jersey and Ms Lee: “When things need to get done on the Truth and Reconciliation team, Ashley is the go-to for all things visual. She considers the task, asks questions and gets to work. Ashley is an artist; she balances technical acumen, good taste and an intelligent incorporation of content. In other words, she is respectful and mindful of the tone of each project. Also, Ashley’s peers recognize her talents in a loving, appreciative way; this is a testament to her humility. Congratulations, Ashley.”

Ashley's deep contributions in terms of extra-curriculars are matched by her commitment to her academics. Let’s hear from her teachers. Dr Syal notes that she is “an excellent student, motivated and focussed.” Ms McPherson says that “the class would not be the same without Ashley. She is hard-working and creative.” And Mr Miller notes Ashley’s high academic standing, noting that she is “pleasant, punctual and not a spotlighter. She is quiet but strong.” Ms Kimm says that Ashley is “responsible, hands in all her work on time, and submits work of very high quality. Ashley is also helping out with some extracurriculars in the music area.”

Downsview staff and students have just come together to honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Ashley’s artwork was an integral part of the success of our day. Thank you, Ashley, for modelling integrity inside and outside the classroom. We happily salute you, Ashley, as our Student of the Week.