Week 3 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
October 9, 2023

Annie N.


Downsview, for the week of October 9th, your Student of the Week is Annie N.
Annie is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

Ms Lee will start us off with a few words about the amazing Annie: “Annie is a super star! You will soon see her logo design for the Arts & Culture SHSM promotional materials and swag! What you've already seen is her handy work during the National Truth and Reconciliation Day Assembly. Through Annie's dedication, exceptional work ethic and desire to help out, she spent many hours hand cutting and sewing together our first piece of the Identity Tapestry Project, launched during Truth and Reconciliation week. During the planning for the week's events, Annie often jumped in and said, ‘I'll do it!’ to many of the behind the scene tasks that contributed to the success of the week. She cut out t-shirts and attached them so they could be hung in the foyer, she baked, decorated, and contributed to the fundraiser. To say that Annie is reliable is an understatement. Annie, I appreciate your "get it done" attitude and your uplifting spirit. You are a true leader and your future is bright. Way to go Annie, this one's for you.”

Ms de Jersey adds: “Annie, I first saw you in action as a volunteer at last year’s Commencement ceremony. Your scale of scope is impressive. In a sweep of your eye, you notice what needs to get done, for who, and how. When we’re in the thick of planning, I feel comforted by your presence, Annie. I could go on and on detailing the ways you make our school better - your efforts with Truth and Reconciliation, your leadership with grade nine orientation - but there is so much more. The best part? Your efforts come from your head and your heart. Thank you, Annie.”

Hear this, from Ms Butuza: “I had the absolute pleasure of teaching Annie last year for dance.  Annie always manages to keep the atmosphere lively with her infectious sense of humour. Annie's dedication to her goals is truly admirable, and she's always ready to put in the effort required to succeed. Her helpful and persistent nature is an inspiration to everyone around her. I'm looking forward to witnessing all the wonderful accomplishments Annie will achieve in her bright future! Congratulations, Annie!”

And, from Mr Wallace: “Annie is so positive, so determined, so willing to take on a challenge and another one and another one. Annie made the choice in the face of learning a new language several years ago that no task could not be overcome. It's simple: seize the opportunity to learn, make progress, no matter how small, each day. She listens deeply to what her teachers and peers and research tell her. Driven by curiosity and intelligence and the opportunity to be in a community of learners, Annie understands that from this little school she can go anywhere. And folks, she will.”

You heard it here, Annie. Your ability to filter your boundless curiosity and energy into our school matters. You change the game. We are so fortunate to have you here, Annie. Congratulations once again on earning the title: Student of the Week.