Week 3

Week 3

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 18th, 2021


Khaled B.


Downsview, for the week of October 18th, your Student of the Week is Khaled Borhot. Khaled is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

Let’s get right to the praise for Khaled, starting with this from Ms de Jersey: “I can’t name just one thing that makes Khaled amazing. There are several; he checks all the boxes. Caring and kind? Check. Smart? Check. Involved? Check. Willing and able to help others? Check. Self-reflective? Check. Open-minded and interested in learning? Big check. I feel so fortunate to know and work with Khaled.”

From Ms Linton: “I had Khalid in my class last year. He is such a treasure, the life of the class. An intelligent and smart person. Informative, helpful and respectful person to his peers and the class as a whole.  Words are not enough to describe him.”

Hear this, from Mr Lewin: “Khalid is an outstanding student who is a great role model for his peers. He is a kind, respectful, thoughtful and considerate student who is always willing to  help those who are in need.  Khalid has made an invaluable contribution to the school community.  He is currently part of Radio Downsview and he played a significant role in organizing Truth and Reconciliation week at Downsview . In the future , Khalid  plans to attend university with the goal or intention of becoming  an engineer. The sky is truly the limit for Khalid. We believe that he is truly destined to achieve greatness and make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

Ms Lee adds these words: “From the moment I met Khaled at our first Truth and Reconciliation meeting I saw the characteristics of a strong leader. Khaled made a strong impact during our meetings by providing an intellectual tone that initiated creative ideas on how the school community can learn about the children and families of residential schools. Khaled has a 'dive right in" attitude and displays a solid commitment to important matters. His eagerness and capacity to learn combined with his high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity make him an excellent recipient for "student of the week". Congratulations, Khaled.”

From Ms Veoli: “It's just this school year that I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Khaled, and already his excellence is undeniable.  This young man exudes a genuine kindness, passion for learning, and the desire for new experiences to broaden his horizons. Khaled has been one of our staples in DSS Radio, and has helped to train new members, always with patience and kindness.  He always has a kind word for his peers, is always reliable and responsibly fulfills all of his roles.  Khaled, when I take a step back, and consider who you are, I realize this:  there is nothing, Khaled, that you can't do or achieve.  We're rooting for you, and are lucky to be a part of your journey.” 

From Ms Forde: “Khaled is a compassionate leader with many gifts and talents which he generously shares with our community.   He dedicates his time to supporting many school-wide initiatives such as 'Radio DSS' Morning Announcements, and recently, he was instrumental in leading the events connected to Truth and Reconciliation Week.  Khaled represents the very best of Downsview and this is evident in his commitment to our community and in his genuine care for all.  Congratulations, Khaled!”

Silvana adds these words: “Khaled: leader, mentor, advocate, kind, well-spoken, problem-solver, doer, well-rounded young man. Khaled, Congrats on this achievement, you deserve it.  I’m so proud of the person you are becoming and can’t wait to see the things you will accomplish at DSS and beyond.”

From Ms Cimicata: “Khaled has shown in such a short time in my class his drive to learn, explore and take initiative in his learning. He brings on his super power of energy and is always ready to go to commence his assignments. He is creative and likes to think outside the box when given a task of responsibility. It is not surprising that he is Student of the Week as he demonstrates good leadership skills and is always in a good mood to spark up conversation.” 

From Mr Ramnaraine: “Khaled is such a pleasure to be around. He is kind, polite and thoughtful. It is wonderful to see how involved he is becoming in our school community. Keep working hard and being the positive person you are. Way to go Khaled!”  

And, from her year off, Ms Maloney chimes in: “Khaled joined DSS at a time when we really didn't know what was going to happen next. Classes had gone online. Khaled came to Civics class on time, prepared and completely engaging and engaged.  This young man takes full responsibility for his education and he was an utter joy to teach.” 

Mr Phillips says: “Khaled is a scholar and a gentleman. He is very inquisitive and thinks about things on a deeper level. Even when not in class, his mind is on science and innovation. No doubt with this eagerness, there is something big to follow. Khaled, you are going places. Congrats on your award of Student of the Week!” 

Finally, from Mr Syal: “Khaled is a positive, eager student I met this year.  So, Khaled, welcome to the Downsview family: you are fresh air in my class.”  

Khaled, we know that you don’t do the things you do and you are not who you are because you seek recognition. And yet, here it is. We see you, we celebrate you and we are grateful for you, Khaled, our Student of the Week.