Week 6

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 29, 2018

Joey H., Daniel T. and Gifford G.


Downsview, for the week of October 29th, we are thrilled to honour a trio of students as Students of the Week. They are: Gifford G., Joey H. and Daniel T.
All three young men are in the eleventh grade.

If you listen to our announcements, you know that DSS is home to a competitive Robotics Team. Gifford, Joey and Daniel are all integral members, three-year veterans, in fact, of the Robotics Team. Their commitment led to their nomination. Hear this, from Mr. Syal: “It is my pleasure to have these boys on my Robotics Team. Daniel is an excellent driver and Gifford is an excellent Captain / Drive Coach and Joey is a great team player. These boys worked very hard at Fall Fiesta, moving the team to the finals. When the team is experiencing problems, these young men step up to solve the problems. Every day they bring smiles to my face and they keep me young. I see a great future for these young lads.”

Outside of Robotics, the boys are also impressing DSS Staff. Hear this, from Ms. Delavinias: “I had the pleasure of teaching Daniel science last year and I knew right from the first day that I met him that he possessed special qualities. I encouraged Daniel to challenge himself in school life. What I didn’t know is that Daniel can play the drums with a bloody nose! No joke! What I also didn’t know is that Daniel was an all-star for the robotics team! Daniel, I am super proud of all the accomplishments thus far at DSS! Keep striving for greatness, because you are great!” And from Mr. MacDonald: “Daniel is a kind and curious student. He is always happy to help others around the school, especially new students. Although he is an amazing drummer and guitarist, his musical talent really shines when he busts out his recorder to play All Star by Smash Mouth.”

Mr. MacDonald continues with this: “Joey is a positive student and has been really helpful to me as a new teacher telling me where things are (such as the pool or the best water fountain). Whether he is playing ‘Ode to Joy’ on the piano, or programming a robot for the fall fiesta, he is a real whiz at the keyboard.”

Mr. Rose says: “Gifford is always in my construction class. He is a quiet, hard-working young man. Gifford takes his studies seriously, and he cares about his work. This is an admirable quality.”

What is the message we can all glean from this trio? Work hard, be good to others and, engage your passions. Congratulations once again Daniel, Joey and Gifford, on your wins as Students of the Week.