Week 6

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of January 4, 2021

Drake J.


Downsview, a new year has commenced. And with it, we crown a new Student of the Week. It is a pleasure to announce that Drake Johnston, of the eleventh grade, is your Student of the Week.

Drake’s nomination started with Mr Syal, who knows Drake well through his involvement in Robotics. Mr Syal sees the intelligence, drive and collegiality that are core in Drake’s personality. Mr Syal, however, iis far from the last voice endorsing Drake for this award.

Hear this, from Ms Alli: “Drake is kind, smart, friendly, committed to his studies and inventive. Your future is bright, and I wish you all the best in accomplishing your goals!”

From Mr Wallace: “Happy New Year, Drake, or is it Happy Birthday? You know, it doesn't really matter. Every day is a reason to celebrate. Drake knows this. His curiosity, his collegiality, his quick wit, his determination to excel create a positive atmosphere wherever he goes. And it's not like everything is easy, because it's not. But Drake knows that whatever is going on in his life or in the lives of the people around him, being kind, listening well, and getting on with it is going to lead to good things. Drake just makes days at Downsview better.”

And, from Mr Phillips: “Though I've never taught Drake, I've had the pleasure of getting to know him over the years in the halls of Downsview. He is always kind and polite. A few weeks ago, I saw him helping a grade 9 student get to class. He is a gentleman and a scholar!”

Ms Maloney says: “Drake brightens my day. He comes and checks in and we catch up on life. He's a very caring and mature young man.”

And, from Ms Piro: “Drake is a talented, hardworking and very polite student. He was our captain at goIT app building competition. Our school was one of the winners in that competition due to his great talent in programming, and his great leadership skills on inspiring his team mates. I had him three times in my class for grade 9,10, and 11 math and I have seen only strong commitment, great efforts to understand and perform well, and a very positive attitude. I am confident that he will continue to be a powerful leader, strong and committed outstanding student and I wish him well on his future.” 

Drake, little more remains to be said, except to repeat that your friendliness, your commitment, your passion, your cooperation, your intellectual curiosity and your kindness have lead to this moment, your third win as Student of the Week.