Week 6

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 28, 2019

Vonne V.


Downsview, for the week of October 28th, your Student of the Week is Vonne V.
Vonne is in the twelfth grade; this is her graduating year.

The Student of the Week award was created several years ago to honour students’ character. We honour academic excellence at our Awards Assemblies, and we realized that there was a gap. Recognizing students for their commitment to our school, to our community and for demonstrating fine qualities of character, matters.

This week’s winner, Vonne, brings us back to the fundamentals of the Student of the Week award. Hear these descriptors of Vonne, from DSS staff members: “incredibly kind”, “wonderful – always smiling”, “so smart – but she doesn’t flaunt it”, “helpful and supportive”, “glows from a light within” and “friendly in a deeply genuine way”.

From Ms de Jersey: “Sometimes, when people achieve success, they pull up the ladder behind them. They don’t use what they have learned to help others succeed. Luckily, this is not Vonne. She is generous with her gifts, leading others up the ladder, sharing her knowledge.”

Vonne’s nomination comes from Chef Sandra. Vonne has volunteered in the Breakfast Club with her since ninth grade. Here is what Sandra has to say: “Vonne has the most welcoming smile and personality to match. She is the strong, silent type – she has a lot of control over the goings-on in the Breakfast Club area without ever being aggressive or pushy. When others are distracted, Vonne is laser-focussed. I see her as the “mother hen” of the Breakfast Club area. Responsible, reliable, accountable, always polite and really mindful – that’s Vonne. I am blessed to work alongside this powerful young woman.”

It’s been said that this award is not academically-based, but it is worth stating that Vonne’s eleventh grade average was the highest amongst her cohort. Vonne manages to achieve a remarkable level of success while remaining herself and remaining committed to volunteerism.  Vonne, your character and contributions are worthy of celebration. Congratulations on this, your second win as Student of the Week.