Week 21

Week 21

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 11th, 2022

Jessica T.

Week 21


Downsview, for the week of April 11th, your Student of the Week is Jessica Tran. Jessica is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

Let’s get right to the praise for this remarkable young woman. From Mr Syal: “I had the pleasure of teaching Jessica.  She is a polite and responsible student.  She is the spokesperson for the Downsview Robotics Team.  She went on the field to accept the offer from our alliance.  Jessica showed the audience what a caring and loving school, ‘Downsview’,  she represents.  I wish Jessica many more successes in the future.”

Mr Saskin adds: “As most of you already know, Downsview's robotics team recently won a tournament, and Jessica was a crucial part of that win.  She had a strong voice throughout the entire design process.  She took an active role in the construction and assembly of the robot.  She was a key negotiator for the team during the tournament, while also acting as team photographer.  And perhaps most importantly, Jessica is a fun and caring friend to everyone else on the team. Congratulations, Jessica!"  

Hear this, from Ms Veoli: “I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica in the Girl's Bookclub, and in many little snippets across the school. This is a young person who is intelligent, insightful, ambitious and kind, all rolled into one.  She always has so much to say about the books we are reading.  Her insights are always well-articulated and passionate.  She sees things as they connect to the world, and how people connect to each other.  She also has an incredibly positive presence.  Always smiling, Jessica adds to our positive environment through small chuckles, jokes about all the Halloween candy her dad bought, and an openness toward her peers. Also, can we just acknowledge - Jessica is everywhere!  From bookclub to Robotics, to Student Council to everything else I've forgotten, Jessica has gotten involved in our community, and has strived to make it even better.  Congratulations Jessica.  So well-deserved!”

Mr Pasian says: “She is a hardworking, conscientious student.  Always polite and courteous and willing to help others.  She has a strong interest in mathematics and often participates in class discussions.”

From Mr Lewin: “Jessica Tran, we are so proud of all that you accomplished. You are truly an inspirational light to staff champions and student scholars alike. Jessica Tran is currently a Straight-A student. In fact, for semester 1, all of her marks were in the 90s. In addition, Jessica has made an invaluable contribution to the Downsview school community as a peer tutor. She is always willing and able to help or assist student scholars who are in need of academic support. She is also an important member of Downsview's award winning Robotics team. Simply put , Jessica Tran is a remarkable human being and leader, destined to achieve greatness.”

Ms Lee says: “Jessica is an essential part of Downsview. Since September, she has consistently participated in many clubs and school wide initiatives. I've seen Jessica in action during the planning for Orange Shirt day and of course, in Robotics. She leads with poise while she problem solves and collaborates with her peers. In class, Jessica participates in discussions, helps her classmates and makes the effort to put in her best work. Aside from what Jessica does in and out of the classroom, what I admire most is how caring she is with her friends and family. Congrats and keep up the great work!”

Last, from Ms de Jersey: “I only met Jess this year, but feel that I have known her for much longer - in the best of ways. Her impact on me, and on Downsview is large. Jess was a key player in making Orange Day and Indigenous Week matter in September. It had been a while since students had worked together in large numbers, live and in-person. Jess did a lot, contributing ideas, questioning plans constructively, working in concert with others and putting in time as a creator. I know that she is a rock-solid member of the award-winning Robotics Team, and she recently added her energy and time to our big bake sale. The fact that her marks are extraordinary is worth mentioning. Jess can balance it all, and she does it with grace and good humour. I am a fan.”

Jessica, you heard it here. The recognition you are receiving is well-earned. Thank you for all you bring to us at Downsview. You, Jessica Tran, are our Student of the Week.