Week 21

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 18, 2019

Desire I. & Shawdonnay B.


Downsview, for the week of March 18th, it is a pleasure to announce a duo of young women as Students of the Week. They are Shawdonnay B. and Desire I.
Both young women are in the twelfth grade and they will graduate in June.

Leaders come in all forms at Downsview, and find themselves at various stages of development. Some lead by example, quietly, humbly and without concern for title. Others are cheerleaders, rallying their peers to action, loud and proud. And others bubble up now and then, taking the reigns as needed, filling in gaps. The capacity for leadership is there, and it lays in wait for the “right” moments. Ms de Jersey says: “ I have seen Shawdonnay and Desire in some of their best moments, when they have lead with charisma, energy and caring. One highlight: showing up at a cold TTC station at 7am two years in a row and raising their voices for Youth Without Shelter. Another highlight: sticking it out in a small, conflicted classroom, making effort and showing restraint when emotions rose high. Another highlight: self-advocacy. While others may not always agree with their strategies, these two speak up for themselves. They are not shy and they seek out what they need. Finally, Shawdonnay and Desire advocate for others. If you need help, whether they know you well or not, they will sit with you, talk it through and empathize. Their wells are deep. When they use their powers for good, these two are capable of going a long way.”

Shawdonnay and Desire's nomination originated with this, from Ms Volkening: “In addition to being the MC's for the African Heritage Month Assembly, they choreographed the closing dance. They demonstrated their commitment and dedication throughout the month by planning and organizing a dance for the assembly, meeting once a week at lunch to rehearse, and being willing to support with any other initiative. The leadership I experienced from these girls organizing the dance for the African Heritage month was incredible and the quality of the dance affirmed it. Great job.”

Mr MacDonald adds: “The energy and positive attitude that Shawdonnay and Desire bring to the classroom is infectious. They bring the drama and vocal activities to life with their charisma and experience. Their lovely voices always brighten my afternoon. Congratulations!”

Shawdonnay, Desire, the fact that you have won this award together is appropriate; as many say, you are fast friends, “joined at the hip”. Your attributes, however, vary with your personalities. You are not the same person. You have each, separately won this award, recognizing your individual skills and strengths. Congratulations to you Desire, and to you Shawdonnay, as our Students of the Week.