Week 21

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 26, 2021

Rojin A.


Downsview, for the week of April 26th, it is a pleasure to announce Rojin A. as your Student of the Week. Rojin is in the twelfth grade; she will graduate soon.

Let’s get right to the praise for this wonderful young leader. First, from Mr Phillips: "Rojin is a dedicated and hard working student. While in my chemistry class she diligently worked (at all hours of the day and night!) to get her assignments completed and knew when to ask for support. She has a great appreciation for those who work to help her, and from my personal experience, the level of respect I was afforded by Rojin was very heartwarming. Congrats to Rojin on a much deserved Student of the Week win!"

Ms Maloney also attests to Rojin’s strengths with this: “I had the pleasure of teaching Rojin (Ro-Ro) in grade 10. An exceptional young lady who is both smart and kind.  Her self-motivation and focus will guarantee her success, no matter which path she chooses.”

Ms de Jersey notes: “In the lovely photo Rojin submitted for us, you’ll see her with her eight month old brother, Bahoz. Submitting a photo with sweet Bahoz is so perfectly ‘Rojin’. She is community-minded, happy to share the light with others. Her generosity was much appreciated with Dare 2 Inspire, where she dedicated much thoughtful energy. Apparently, Bahoz has been by Rojin’s side through much of her at-home learning time. Rojin’s ability to balance all the parts of her life is so impressive. Congratulations, Rojin.”

Finally, from Mr Wallace: “When I met Rojin in Grade 10 English nearly three years ago, she was just out of ESL. It was clear that she was intelligent and hard-working; it was clear that she could focus, even if there were distractions; it was clear that she met challenges with energy and optimism. It takes the average person seven years to become fluent and comfortable in another language; Rojin has done it in three. The sophistication of her thinking and the clarity of her writing indicate that whatever anybody thought of as a reachable goal for Rojin will have to adjust their sights higher. As her teacher, I find having her as a student humbling. As if that were not enough, Rojin is kind, a great colleague, and does not draw attention to herself. At the same time, anyone with her level of achievement is tough; don't underestimate her. Rojin is someone who honours her gifts, but knows that the world does not hand you success on a plate, in fact doesn't owe you anything. With her family (including many noisy younger siblings!) and friends supporting her, Rojin will take nothing for granted. Canada has gained a lot by having Rojin and her family here. We're lucky.”

Rojin, Mr Wallace said it: we are lucky. Period. Thank you for sharing your gifts. And congratulations once again on your win as our Student of the Week.