Week 16

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 10, 2020

Denise H., Emma N., Teni A. & Tiffany B.


Downsview, for the week of February 10th, we honour four outstanding young women as Students of the Week. They are: Teni A., Tiffany B., Denise H. and Emma N.
All are in the tenth grade.

While the future is, to some degree, a question mark, there are some sureties. One of these is that robotics will continue to be a guiding force in technology. We need strong, inquisitive minds attached to this field, shaping our future. Downsview has them. Hear this, from Mr Syal: “These young ladies are part of the Robotics Team. Tiffani and Teni are drivers. They did a wonderful job driving the robot. The team was able to reach the semi-finals at the Durham Tournament a few weeks ago. Emma is the programmer on the team. She learned programming on her own and is able to program the robot effectively. Denise is the human player and her job is to place blocks on the field during the game. These young ladies worked very hard at building the robot. They are also part of the STEM program. Their hard work and dedication to the school are admirable. Keep up the good work ladies, make our school proud.”

Mr Wallace adds: “Teni, Tiffany, and Emma may seem like quiet, unassuming people, but behind those gentle attitudes are three young women who are fierce and ambitious for themselves and others. They understand hard work and the results it brings, but also the pleasure working hard offers: that sense of accomplishment is a real rush.”

From Ms Randhawa: “Denise Ho was a wonderful student to teach first semester! Continue aiming for the stars, Denise! Tiffany Bowens' presence in class is great! She is always kind and helpful to both myself and her peers!”

From Ms de Jersey: “When I think of Teni, I think: wow. Quite new to the country, Teni has made this her home, and she treats her home well, working to make it better for others and for herself. Teni’s got big intellect, but it’s the way she uses her mind that is most impressive.”

And there you have it. Inside the classroom and in Robotics competition, these young women are forces. Robotics, long a male-dominated field, is an area in which women’s voices are growing. Teni, Tiffany, Denise and Emma – Downsview is thrilled that your voices are our future. Congratulations once again on your wins as Students of the Week.