Week 20

Week 20

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 4th, 2022

T'Shawn J.

Week 20


Downsview, for the week of April 4th, your Student of the Week is T’Shawn Joseph. T’Shawn is in the ninth grade at Downsview. 

T’Shawn, we’ve said it before, but this bears repeating. You’re in grade nine. You’ve had less than a year with us to demonstrate your character. And yet, here you are. In a short time, T’Shawn, you have been noticed. This is commendable. Let’s get to the praise from your nominators - first, from Ms D’Andrea: “T'Shawn is in my Integrated Arts class and has been a pleasure to teach. He is open-minded to learning new concepts and demonstrates kindness regularly. The first time I met T'Shawn, I was in need of assistance with getting the studio ready for semester 2. He graciously offered to help me with tidying the studio, taping the dance floor, and any task that needed to be done. I am so appreciative of his warm welcome to me in semester 2 and for the helping hand that he lent. Way to go T'Shawn- I'm very proud of you and congratulations on winning Student of the Week!”

From Mr Lewin: “T' Shawn Joseph is currently in Downsview’s Africentric program. He is a straight-A student who is committed to achieving excellence both within and outside the classroom.  T' Shawn Joseph played an instrumental role in planning and decorating his classroom's door for the annual African Heritage Month door decorating contest. He consistently demonstrates tremendous  leadership in classroom activities. In short,  T'Shawn Joseph is a positive role model for his peers. He is a hard working and dedicated student who is committed to making a positive difference in  the lives of others . The Downsview school community is so proud of all that you have accomplished, T'Shawn. Keep up the great work!”

Ms Persaud says: “T’Shawn is an exemplary student. In addition to his strong organizational skills, he is always willing to help his peers and regularly encourages them to do better. T’Shawn, you exude natural, strong leadership skills and this is how I know your future will be bright. Congratulations on Student of the Week!”

Roopa adds her voice, with this: “I was very fortunate to have T'Shawn in my geography class during semester one. He was always kind, considerate, polite, and hardworking. Among those things, he is also very funny and brought much laughter and joy to the classroom. Congrats, T'Shawn - this is a well-deserved honour and I hope I get to be your teacher again.”

And, from Ms Spatola: “I had the pleasure of teaching T’Shawn in my French class in semester 1. T’Shawn is a high achiever who always demonstrates a positive attitude and great work ethic. He is a leader inside and outside the classroom and a good friend to many. Congratulations on this achievement, T’Shawn, and keep up the excellent work! Downsview is lucky to have you! 

Finally, hear this from Mr Do Carmo: “T'Shawn is currently in my grade 9 Exploring Technologies course. So, I am just getting to know him. He is a polite and conscientious student. His work is always on time and meets the criteria set out for the assignment. T'Shawn possesses many great qualities but one of the major reasons for his success is because he asks for clarification and assistance when needed. Great work T'Shawn. Keep it up.”

T’Shawn, maybe that’s the message for you. You are doing great work. We know you will keep it up and keep growing, as your time at DSS has just begun. We see your strength T’Shawn, and it is a pleasure to crown you Student of the Week.