Week 20

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 9, 2020

Zubida M.


Downsview, for the week of March 9th, your Student of the Week is Zubida M.
Zubida is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

In becoming Student of the Week for the second time, Zubida joins a very small and special group of more-than-one-time winners, and she certainly deserves this honour. Let's get right to the praise, first, from Ms D'Andrea: “Zubida is always very pleasant and friendly and greets me with an enthusiastic 'Hi Ms. D!!!' and a smile whenever I see her. She has also shown some nice work in our dance collaborations. Congratulations Zubida!”

From Ms Gheorghe: “Zubida is always ready to help her peers with any task, small or big. She is very hardworking and punctual. She enjoys reading and writing; she also likes to chat with her friends at lunch time. When we celebrate something or somebody's birthday she is the first to help decorating and preparing for the event. Her laugh and her outgoing personality are a great addition to the group in her DD class.”

From Ms DeBono: “Zubida is a polite young lady who is willing to greet students and staff with a genuine bright smile that lights up a room. Her warm approachable personality has made her a shining star with the students in my class. Every time Zubida interacts with people she makes them feel extra special. Her infectious laugh brings a smile on everybody's face. When Zubida engages with other students she has a way of building community through simple gestures of someone who genuinely cares. It is a pleasure to have Zubida as a friend to the students in my class as I know she is there for them in their present journey through high school and years to come. Thank you, Zubida.”

And, from Ms Karrandjas, who has been Zubida's teacher for several years now: “Having Zubida in my classroom is like having a bubbling brook flowing through it! Her infectious laugh and effervescent personality rejuvenates everyone around her. Not only is she a hardworking, engaged student but her zest to learn positively influences her peers to do the same. In class, she enthusiastically engages in discussions on every topic. Her curiosity and ability to make connections inspires her to learn more. Her peaked interest in class topics frequently leads to self-directed researching and learning at home, which she proudly presents at school the next day.

Zubida is a very popular student who is always surrounded by lots of friends. Her gregarious personality and generous way always includes others and make them feel important. She readily expresses sensitivity and kindness, and freely offers assistance to those who need it. Her cell phone is of course a major part of her social networking, but she always engages in kind, yet fun exchanges with her friends. Zubida demonstrates that leading a life with an open heart and mind can impact everyone to strive harder and be better. Ne’er a day goes by that the class hasn’t engaged in laughter, made learning connections and seen caring and compassionate exchanges. She is the kind of person that you would want everyone know. Her enigmatic presence can impact everyone to not only approach every situation eagerly and earnestly, but can instill in others that both learning and teaching is a joy!”

Zubida, the central message seems to be that you make us feel good. Thank you. This week, it's Downsview's turn to pay you back. It's your turn to feel good, because you are our Student of the Week.