Week 20

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 4, 2019

Mai V.


Downsview, your Student of the Week for March 4th is Mai V.
Mai is proud to be in her graduating year at Downsview.

Let’s get right to the praise about Mai, first from her teacher, Ms Karrandjas: “We have a very special student at Downsview named Mai who is a pleasure to teach and watch grow. She has emerged from being a shy, quiet, scared 14 year old who barely would speak to anyone to a capable, self-confident young lady. Her inner strength and determination has driven her to achieve academic successes, especially learning to read. Mai’s petite, quiet demeanour shouldn’t fool you. She doesn’t hesitate to express her likes and dislikes, yet is always willing to try new and challenging tasks. This is evident in her successes in her community Experiential Learning job placements at Pizza Pizza, Burger King and an Elementary School, preparing snacks. Her developed self- confidence shone through in the gym. She moved from the sidelines to assertively go after the soccer ball. She has even tackled the expectations of participating in Ms. Alli’s girls’ gym classes. Some of my most cherished moments with Mai are when she flashes her enigmatic smile which sometimes erupts into her infectious belly laughs. Our morning banter involves joking to each other about our imaginary outrageous pets that neither of us has, but brings about funny moments for us both.”

Mitra and Michelle say: “Mai is a very pleasant young lady. She always arrives to school with a big smile and greets staff members by name. Mai is friendly and caring around her friends, and is always willing to help teachers and friends. We are so lucky to have Mai in our school. We love you Mai-Mai.”

And from Mr Zhang: “Mai is a marvel in class. She follows rules and routines seamlessly. She pays respect to people. She is one of the Downsview jewels we will hate to part with in June. Mai, we will miss you and your signature smile.”

Mr Barker adds this: “Mai and I arrived at Downsview at the same time and it has been wonderful to watch her mature into the delightful young woman that she has become. Her smile and warm spirit always brighten even the drabbest days. Mai has gone from quiet sideline dweller to active participant in all our class activities, even ones that would seem outside her comfort zone. She is always enthusiastic about our various trips and outings, whether it’s out in the community or just out to the back field. Mai is happy wherever she is. No one works harder during our Food Service days at Lucy McCormick School, preparing meals, serving the students and staff and then cleaning the kitchen area. She is given a task which she completes promptly and then looks for another. No job is too big or too small. Even though Mai is in Ms. Karrandjas’ class she is friends with the entire DD program. She is a joy to be around, has an infectious laugh and a great sense of humour. When she leaves, she will take a small piece of each of our hearts with her.”

Mai, there is clearly a lot of love for you here at DSS. You have earned the title, Student of the Week, and we wish you well over the next months and beyond DSS.