Week 2

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 1, 2018

Drake J.


Downsview, for the week of October 1st, your Student of the Week is Drake J.
Drake is in the ninth grade here at Downsview.

Some will be surprised that a ninth grade student is being awarded so early in the year. After all, not much time has passed. Most ninth grade students are, very reasonably, finding their voices, and figuring out who they are at DSS. Some students, however, distinguish themselves early. This is the case with Drake.

Let’s hear from his first nominator, Mr Syal: “Drake took part in the summer robotics program. From the moment he entered the room he stood out as leader. He led his team to build a chassis for the new robot. He programmed the robot and coded the autonomous mode to perform multiple tasks.He was elected to be captain of the junior team.His curiosity to learn makes him take chances and he is not afraid to make mistakes.He is a polite and caring gentleman who has bright future ahead.”

Ms Randhawa adds: “Drake is a hard working student and is always willing to go below and beyond to help his classmates! His participation and presence in my geography class is always wonderful! Keep it up, Drake!!” Ms Maloney says: “I met Drake for the first time today in Robotics Club. A true gentleman and very polite as I asked him to explain what and how their machine worked. Very engaging and definitely a leader.”

Ms de Jersey speaks for all the teachers in attendance at our Forest Valley Day when she says, “On a day with a lot of fun and laughter and fine examples of leadership, Drake stood out. He was engaged and enthusiastic. It’s clear that Drake has a sense of himself; he’s not afraid to be himself, and his quiet confidence is contagious. The fact that Drake found a ten dollar bill on the floor of the cafeteria that morning and immediately turned it in, is another sure sign of his character. Drake is a person with a strong and steady moral core.”

When Drake learned that he had earned this title, he was genuinely surprised. And this is true of most people who work hard and give their time; they do not sit in expectation of recognition or honour. They simply keep working. The fruits of one’s labour are themselves a gift. That Drake knows this intuitively at such a young age, is impressive. Congratulations once again, Drake, on earning the title Student of the Week.