Week 2

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 16, 2020

Gem B., Kanyinsola M., Vashana S. & Ariana T.

Kanyinsola Vashana Ariana

Downsview, for the week of November 16th, it is a great pleasure to announce the names of four young women who have earned Student of the Week honours. They are: Gem B., Kanyinsola M., Vashana S. and Ariana T.
All are in the ninth grade.

Earning Student of the Week honours means that you have stood out from the crowd. You have distinguished yourself in some way. This is a remarkable thing at the best of times. These unusual times present special challenges. Standing out with a mask on - not so easy. And, as a ninth grade student, new to DSS and only here for a couple of months - really not an easy achievement. And yet, Gem, Kanyinsola, Vashana and Ariana have already made an impression.

Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “These four grade 9 girls in the Africentric English class in a project on identity created four mixed-media works of art to express the complexity of identity. They were not sure at first and the first layer of the project was fairly safe, but after a conversation with Mr. Chapman about the American-Haitian artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, they saw how a more powerful expression of identity can be achieved by being bold and messy. What is remarkable about each of these students is that they allowed themselves to take intellectual and emotional risks in creating these works; they have gone through this process accessing in themselves one of the key elements of success, that voice inside that says ‘go for it.’” Take a look as you walk through our front foyer at their gorgeous, remarkable work.

Other staff members also appreciate the talents and engagement that these young women bring to the fore. Ms Kimm has this to add: “Vashana is in my Integrated Arts class. She is such a smart, sweet, responsible and a hardworking student who consistently demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning.She always tries her best with her work. I wish her all the best in the second quadmester.”

And we, staff and students at DSS wish the four of you continued success. You are a part of Downsview. You, Gem, Kanyinsola, Vashana and Ariana, are Students of the Week.