Week 2 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
October 2, 2023

Miyezsa U. 


Downsview, for the week of October 2nd, your Student of the Week is Miyezsa U.
Miyezsa is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

If you think you don’t know Miyezsa, think again. Miyezsa co-hosted our Truth and Reconciliation Assembly last week. You have all borne witness to this young woman’s power, dignity, passion and intelligence. Ms Lee and Ms de Jersey, and the whole Truth and Reconciliation Team stand behind this nomination.

Let’s get right to the praise for this remarkable young woman. From Mr Phillips: “Though I've only just started teaching Miyezsa, I could tell from my first class with her that she is a kind and hard-working individual with just the right amount of spunk and spirit. Don't let Miyesza's stature fool you. Though petite in size she is a force to be reckoned with. I know she is going to go places, BIG PLACES! Congrats on Student of the Week, Miyezsa!”

Mr Lindsay has this to say: “Miyesza has consistently demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities, an outstanding work ethic, and an unwavering commitment to collaboration within our school community. But that's not all – she is also a true champion for social justice. Her passion, empathy, and dedication shine through in everything she does. Whether it's leading a project, helping fellow students, or advocating for change, Miyesza exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional student and an inspiring role model. Let's all take a moment to congratulate Miyesza on this well-deserved recognition. Keep up the amazing work, Miyesza.”

Ms Reid continues the accolades here: “We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on an outstanding student who embodies leadership, cooperation, inclusivity, and academic excellence. Miyesza consistently demonstrates remarkable leadership skills, whether it's guiding group projects, organizing school events, or being able to adapt to changing circumstances. Her ability to inspire and motivate others is truly one of her many defining characteristics. Miyesza's warmth, positive attitude, dedication to self-improvement, and commitment to personal and academic growth sets a shining example for all of us. Heartiest congratulations on your well-deserved win of the Student of the Week! We are very fortunate to have a leader like you in our school community.”

Mr do Carmo says: “I have had the pleasure of Miyezsa's presence in my grade 11 Communications Technology class last year. Her jolly character and positive attitude were always something I looked forward to. Her perseverance to overcome challenges and obstacles, along with willingness to ask for help when needed, makes her quite successful in whatever she decides to take on. Keep it up Miyezsa. You'll go far.”

Mr Syal notes that “Miyezsa is a very confident young lady with a pleasant personality.  Downsview is blessed to have a strong leader like her.”

And, hear this from Mr Hum: “Miyezsa is a well-rounded student with so much potential. She is very friendly and is well-respected by her peers. In the classroom, Miyezsa is a top student, earning the top mark in my grade 11 biology class with 98%. Miyezsa takes her studies seriously and will surely continue this trend of high marks in her final year here at downsview. Great job Miyezsa, Keep up the great work!”

Mr Herriques says: “I had the pleasure of teaching Miyezsa last year and her bright, helpful personality shone throughout English class. Always willing to participate and be a productive member of the classroom, Miyezsa has a very bright future ahead of her.”

It’s absolutely appropriate that a lot of folks had a lot to say about Miyezsa. She is a caretaker of the DSS community - every corner of our community has been touched by her kind, smart attention and time. You heard it here, Miyezsa: we are blessed to have you at Downsview. Congratulations once again on earning the title: Student of the Week.