Week 10

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 25, 2019

Bob K., Beckham I., Alyka M., Nemi O. & Keyur P.

Downsview, for the week of November 25th, we award another group of students, five this time, each equally worthy of the title Student of the Week. They are:  Beckham I., Bob K., Alyka M., Nemi O. and Keyur P.

Their nomination stems from Mr Syal. Here is what he has to say: “I had the pleasure of teaching these students for the past two years. They are part of the STEM program at Downsview. These students come to class prepared and ready to be challenged. Recently, these students volunteered to help out with grade eight visits. I saw them in action and interacting with grade eight students, making quite an impression on students and teachers. I am confident they will be leaders in the future and will represent our school with pride.”

Mr Phillips continues the praise with this: “Bob, Alyka, Beckham, Nemi and Keyur were all a tremendous help in my classroom during the grade eight open house. Each student worked with a group of grade eights and helped them with an experiment where students mixed test tubes of chemicals together. They all quickly learned how to prepare and assist the students as they mixed and examined various chemicals. The students then had mini-discussions around the observations the grade eight students made. When they were done with a particular group of grade eights they would immediately clean up all the test tubes and reload them for the next load. They grew into leaders before my eyes and took the initiative to do the job correctly and with efficiency!”

Other staff members have taken positive notice of our winners, as well. Ms de Jersey says: “Bob has volunteered in Breakfast Club since he arrived at DSS. He’s an asset to the program.” Mr Hum notes that “Beckham is a leader on the junior boys soccer team. Once he established his role as a starting Centre Back, Beckham thrived in this important position and led his teammates by example. He is never scared to use his voice to direct the defensive line or to give positive beneficial feedback to his peers. Beckham shows tons of potential and I look forward to seeing him develop and become a true leader in and around the school community.” Ms Piro says that Nemi is “ a solid student, very positive in her attitude” and Ms Volkening knows Alyka as “ a self-motivated student with strong initiative. She helped others in her French class without being asked. She was a leader in this class.” Ms de Jersey has been “impressed by Keyur’s quiet, capable leadership at several Parent Night events. He is totally friendly and reliable – Keyur gets the job done.”

Bob, Alyka, Beckham, Nemi and Keyur – you heard the praise here. Your positive and energetic leadership, displayed through your interactions with middle school students combines beautifully with your citizenship as DSS students. We are grateful, and we congratulate you all, our Students of the Week.