Week 10

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of November 26, 2018

Aaliyah S.

Downsview, for the week of November 26th, your Student of the Week is Aaliyah S.
Aaliyah is in the tenth grade at Downsview.

Recently, Downsview spent two days hosting eighth grade students, touring them around our building and engaging them in our programs. DSS Leaders were fantastic ambassadors of our school; their enthusiasm and energy was matched by their dedication and organization. Aaliyah stood out in a different way, as she was a behind-the scenes leader. Her role may have been less visible, but it was plenty powerful.

Ler’s hear from her nominators. First, from Ms Stuckless: “Aaliyah has been a great asset to our Student Leadership program. She is always willing to step in and support us with her strong tech skills from her training on the Tech Crew with Ms. Jubinville and now Mr. MacDonald. She always has a smile and is willing to take charge of a situation. Next week she will support another Ancaster visit where she is going to help Grade 4 and 5 students paint sets for their school play. I was very happy to hear that Aaliyah would receive the Student of the Week award. She is very deserving and we are very proud of her!”

Mr MacDonald says: “Even though Aaliyah listens to some scary music, she is actually very kind and funny. She is an audio queen--she knows her way around a mixing board, how to set up audio equipment, and she plays a mean bass and guitar as well. She is also half-Guyanese, like me, so that's cool. Congrats Aaliyah!”

Mr Phillips adds: "Aliyah is a dedicated science student who always comes in to class with a good attitude and a spirited approach to learning. She works well with other students and is a pleasure to teach."

Ms Volkening has this to say: “Aaliyah is an excellent student who takes strong initiative and works to her fullest potential within her classes. Outside of class, she is always willing to lend a hand with school events or anything else that comes her way. She is definitely deserving of this recognition.”

And here’s a sure sign that a student is valued – words from a teacher who is no longer in our building. Hear this from Ms Jubinville: “Aaliyah is a lovely young lady. I had the pleasure of teaching her music last year. She is highly motivated, hard-working and amusing. Her smile lights up a room and she always had the ability to make me smile. She was also a fantastic reliable member of tech crew and I knew that when she was in the booth things were 'under control', or at least as in control as possible. Congrats on your Student of the Week win!”

Aaliyah, how right it is, to be seen for who you are. Your strength, confidence, passion, sense of fun, helpfulness, intelligence and generosity are applauded today. The ways in which you bring all these attributes to us at Downsview has secured you the title Student of the Week.