Week 10

Week 10

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of December 6th, 2021

Lanre O.


Student of the Week



Downsview, for the week of December 6th, your Student of the Week is Olanrewaju Olatunbosun. Lanre is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.


The word “leader” is often heard in our halls and classrooms. At Downsview, we see established, confident leaders, we see leaders who are just realizing their potential, we have leaders in the Arts, in STEM, in Physical Education and in other disciplines. We have leaders whose voices are loudest in the community, outside our school. Bottom line: we are blessed with leaders, and Lanre stands tall as one of our finest.


Let’s start with this, from Mr Hum: “Although I’ve never taught Lanre, I’ve come to know him in the intramural soccer program. Lanre shows great dedication to everything he puts his efforts towards. Whether it’s helping out a teammate that’s down, encouraging others through positive comments, or just lending a hand when it comes to setting up or cleaning up, Lanre is always willing to assist others when needed. Keep up the great work and amazing attitude Lanre!”


From Mr Wallace: “I have just started working with Lanre. He is clearly a natural leader; he puts people at ease and is a good listener. What I like especially is his willingness to allow others to develop their leadership alongside him. He is generous that way. It is as if he has learned that none of us does it alone and that we are stronger together.”


And hear this, from Ms Susnik: “Way to go Lanre! You make quite the impact on the life of Downsview, from being president of Student Council, to quietly supporting students in the library to your infectious smile hiding under your mask… congrats on being Student of the Week!”


From Ms de Jersey: “Seeing Lanre as a Student Leader and as a Peer Tutor, I have been struck by his humanity. Lanre values people. He sees them. He wants people to feel good, to feel confident. Lanre is climbing a ladder and pulling others up alongside him.”


Mr Lewin has this to say about Lanre: “Joseph Olanrewaju Olatunbosun is a remarkable leader and student who is making a positive difference in the school community. Currently, Joseph  Olanrewaju Olatunbosun is the president of the School Council. He is also a workshop facilitator  for  Downsview's upcoming Black Brilliance Conference. In addition,  Joseph Olanrewaju  Olatunbosun is a peer tutor. He is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of  others. His career goal is to attend university and  become an engineer. There is absolutely no  doubt in my mind that this young man is destined to achieve greatness.”