Week 31 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
June 3, 2024

Saige B.


Downsview, for the week of June 3, 2024, your Student of the Week is Saige B.
Saige is in the ninth grade at Downsview.

The school year is nearly finished, and soon we’ll see grade twelve students graduating. While this event occupies a large space in the landscape of high school, we need to be mindful that all students shift onward and upward at this time. Grade elevens move into their graduating year, grade tens to a more senior position, and grade nines will become tenth grade students. Saige is in this latter position, and it is clear that she is making this move with care and dignity.

Let’s hear more about Saige, first, from Ms Silvana: “Congratulations, this is wonderful news! Saige, you are such a dedicated, smart, kind, passionate student and person.  You are only in grade nine and are mature beyond your years; we can’t wait to see the brilliance you will show us during your highschool years. You are so deserving!”

And from Ms McPherson: “Saige is a bubbly, upbeat student who brings life to the classroom. I've had the pleasure of teaching Saige science this year and she consistently works hard and puts her best foot forward. Keep up the great work; you've got a bright future ahead of you, Saige.”

From Mr Henriques: “Saige is a born leader, always putting passion and effort into everything that she does. Only in Grade 9, I have no doubt that Saige will be a pillar of the Downsview community for her remaining years. Saige was a pleasure to coach as her strong work ethic and commitment to getting better was always on display. The sky is the limit for Saige.” Ms Alli adds: “Saige...smart, dedicated, talented - a future leader! Thank you for all of your contributions to the Downsview community. You help make our school a better place!” 

Mr do Carmo has this to say: “Saige is in my Exploring Technologies class this semester. She has a very enjoyable personality and is a pleasure to be around. Her work is always on time and done excellently. And it seems she does this with ease. I look forward to seeing what Saige is capable of accomplishing in the next few years at Downsview. Great work, Saige. Keep it up.”

And finally, from our principal, Ms Elwin: “Saige Is a dedicated and hard-working student. Although she has been in the school for only a year, she has taken up leadership roles in Black Brilliance and other initiatives. She is also an amazing athlete and we are so proud that she qualified for three events at OFSSA. Continue to shine and be a leader in the school community.  Congrats on being the Student of the Week!”

Saige, you’ve proven yourself to be a force at Downsview, inside and outside the classroom. We are thrilled to honour you as our Student of the Week.