Week 31

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 27, 2019

Rajeb T.


Downsview, for the week of May 27th, your Student of the Week is Rajeb T.
Rajeb is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

If you think you don’t know Rajeb, think again. Everyone at Downsview knows Rajeb. Rajeb is often seen in our halls, tidying and keeping our school looking good. Rajeb is the heart of Downsview, and it’s not surprising that many people have nominated him for this award.

First, from Ms Khona:  “Rajeb is hard working and kind. He is always willing to help and always has a smile on his face.” And, from Ms Maloney: “Rajeb always enters my class with a big smile on his face and he is very diligent about tracking me down for my attendance if I'm in another part of the building. It's a pleasure to interact with him on a daily basis.”

Mr Ramnaraine has this to say: “Rajeb is such a kind and friendly young man. We appreciate all of the time he spends volunteering in our school library. Rajeb volunteers every single day and works very hard in keeping the library clean and organized. We are so proud of you Rejeb. Congratulations!” And, from Ms Law: “Rajeb always has a big smile in his face when he comes to me for the attendance folder. His polite and seemingly timid nature has reminded me how a well-behaved student should be. I feel very proud to have known him as a student at Downsview!”

Rajeb’s fans in the DD Program are effusive about his fine character. Hear this, from the collective of Colette, Anita, Ms K, Suzie and Ms Debono: “Rajeb is so kind-hearted and hardworking. He takes his job really seriously. If you try to distract him from his work, he stays on track, and wants to get the job done. He has an incredibly positive attitude. We call Rajeb our gentle teddy bear some days and our “human forklift” other days. Rajeb is tall and strong, but the fact that he uses his strength for kind purposes is one of his greatest attributes. His size is a reflection of his heart. We are all thrilled to see Rajeb earn this award for the second time.”

Rajeb, you are a big part of Downsview Secondary School. You have earned this award through your commitment and kindness to our community. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.