Week 24

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 8, 2019

J.R. Edwin M. & Kofiannan S.


Downsview, for the week of April 8th, we honour two tenth grade students as Students of the Week. They are JR Edwin M. and Kofiannan S.

As a few others before them, Kofi and JR came to attention for Student of the Week selection through their commitment to the DSS Robotics Team. It is worthwhile taking a look at what it takes to be part pf this team. Creativity: the team needs to create a robot, according to a task that is laid out along with precise specifications. So, the team must be creative within boundaries – paradoxically, this is the forum that creates the best creative plans. Next, dedication: this team meets mornings, noon and night, literally. DSS houses many dedicated cub members. No others, however, consistently put in as many hours of their own time, including weekend time, on any project. Finally, this is a team. Members have roles, and they learn, grow and change within these roles. Without a collective sense of the team, there is no working robot.

Kofi and JR have shown strength in these areas. Hear this, from Mr Syal: Kofi and JR are very quiet students, but they get things done. They have been part of the Robotics Team for the past 2 years. They work very hard and always ready to lend a hand. They are kind and caring members of the Downsview. At the tournament, Kofi and JR were responsible for changing bumpers and batteries. They completed their tasks with confidence and responsibility. I wish these two young men great success in the future.

Kofi, JR, next year you cross that invisible line, moving from tenth to eleventh grade, from “junior” to “senior” status. We look forward to seeing you grab the reigns, using all you have learned through your time as Robotics Team members. Congratulations Kofi and congratulations JR, on your wins as Students of the Week.