Week 24

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 17, 2021

Ramona L.


Downsview, for the week of May 17th, your Student of the Week is Ramona L.
Ramona is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

Students win this award for different reasons. Involvement, leadership and strength in character are typical criteria. Students who make great improvements, who turn things around and look ahead with renewed vision are also candidates. Ramona fits into all of these categories nicely.

Let’s hear more about Ramona, starting with this, from Mr Lewin: “We are so proud of you in terms of what you have accomplished through the power of hard work and a steadfast  commitment to achieving  excellence . You are a positive role model for others to follow.  Keep up the inspirational work, Ramona.  May you continue to touch the lives of others in a positive and uplifting way. You are destined to achieve greatness. Have a  remarkable day!” 

And, hear this, from Child and Youth Counsellor, Silvana: “Ramona, congratulations!!!  I’m sooo happy for you on earning this well deserved reward.  You are kind, reflective and care about the well beings of others.  You make DSS a better community because of your ability to be inclusive of all people.  Ramona you are mature beyond your years and we are lucky to have you as a Downsview Student.”

Mr Lam says: “Having taught Ramona in two courses, I know Ramona as a caring student who helps out other students.  She is also very polite and a hardworking student who perserseves through assignments and work.  Ramona, I want to wish you all the best in Quad 4.”

And, from Ms de Jersey: “Dedicated. Organized. Forward-looking. Detail-oriented. I am just getting to know this powerful young woman, and these are my observations so far. I look forward to seeing her shine next year, as she moves towards graduation.”

While this award is powered by staff members, in these stay-at-home days, it seems fair to close with some words from Ramona’s biggest fan, her sister Mercedesz: “Ramona has always been true towards me and to everyone around her. Ramona is a great student and a great person; she’s been through so many obstacles in her life. The best thing about her is she never gives up, she believes in herself she believes in the truth.” Ramona, you have clearly created a positive space for yourself at home and at school. Thank you, and congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.