Week 18

Week 18

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 21st, 2022

Mehmet K.



Downsview, for the week of March 21st, your Student of the Week is Mehmet Kandil. Mehmet is in the ninth grade, and he is a member of Mr Lindsay’s class.

If you believe in karma, then Mehmet being crowned Student of the Week will make sense to you. Mehmet gives a lot of love, a lot of smiles, a lot of smiles to the DSS family. Karmically, the love is making its way back to him. Listen to this, from Ms Susnik: “You can hear Mehmet Kandil's beautiful ‘hi's’ throughout the halls of Downsview, especially down by the large gym. Then his face lights up when you acknowledge his hi's with an elbow pump. Mehmet can also be found zooming around on the DD bikes.  It is an absolute joy to be greeted by such a lively and energetic young man as Mehmet Kandil.  Congratulations Mehmet - a well deserved honour.”

Ms Ceroni says: “Congrats, Mehmet. You are always greeting everyone with a smile . 

Your good nature is an inspiration to all. Keep up the positive energy.”  Ms Khoury adds: “Mehmet is our dancing king! We are so proud of how far you have come and put a smile on everyone’s face every single day. Your genuine love for music, food and people can be seen from anywhere. Keep working hard, your potential is endless. We are honoured to watch you grow.”

 Ms Idowu adds: “Mehmet is a wonderful student who makes everyone smile. He has a gentle spirit and captures the hearts of everyone he meets. Mehmet, thank you for being you.”

 Ms Forde says: “Mehmet is a wonderful person who brings joy and genuine care to every single interaction he has with students and staff at Downsview.  Mehmet is an active learner; he always engages with curiosity and energy.  Mehmet is also a kind and empathetic member of our community.  He's always eager to lend a hand, offer a smile, and warmly greet everyone in the hallways.  Mehmet represents the very best of Downsview and we're blessed to have him in our community.  Congratulations, Mehmet!”

 From Ms Reid: “Mehmet's cheerful energy warms up and compliments any space! Every time he enters our class he is warm, inviting, and always eager to help his peers with various tasks. There is never a day that Mehmet is not in good spirits and happy to be at school.

Congratulations on winning student of the week, Mehmet! You are most deserving of this recognition and all the effortless awesomeness that you exude everyday.”

 From Mr Ramnaraine: “I look forward to seeing Mehmet daily. He always acknowledges you and will give you a friendly elbow prop. His smile is infectious and can brighten anyone's day. Our school community is better because you're in it Mehmet! Congratulations on this achievement. We are so proud of you!”

 Hear this, from Ms Orr: “Mehmet is an absolute delight. His positivity and love of learning is reflected in every task that he accomplishes. Mehmet takes on the responsibility of helping his classmates and when I lose my keys, he always finds them for me. Thanks Mehmet. We are beyond proud!!!”

 From Ms Pal: “Every time I visit room 130, I am greeted with a warm welcome from Mehmet.  His happy disposition  is like a  ray of sunshine, and brightens up my day. The days that he is "twinning" with his teacher Mr. Lindsay has been very special, bringing smiles and laughter to many. They have shown up in the same outfits and on occasion Mehmet sported a beard similar to his teacher!   It has been a joy to watch Mehmet change and grow into this happy student who loves to come to school.  If you need some cheering up, drop by room 130 to say hello!”

 Mr Lindsay has this to say about his student: “Mehmet is a wonderful individual whose kindness is seen throughout the Downsview community. His familiar “Hi” is a welcoming sound throughout the hallways. Mehmet’s positive energy and smile is contagious. His hallway engagements help to support staff and student’s wellness. We are all very proud of Mehmet. In his daily activities he is always willing to try and welcomes new challenges. Mehmet, keep being your wonderful self and never stop smiling. Everyone in room 130 is very proud of you and all your accomplishments.”

 And finally, from Silvana: “Mehmet has been foundational in sharing his love, kindness and togetherness with DSS staff and students. You will find Mehmet always trying to elbow salute other students or trying to dance in the hallways or engaging in conversation. Moreover he is always showing his love for DSS to staff. During these unprecedented times Mehmet has added to my wellness by making sure I’m valued and seen by always coming to say hello to coming to FGF with Lindsay while we had a dance party. His energy is contagious and has had a tremendous effect on my and my well-being. Mehmet, you are a special human being always willing to put a smile on people's faces and make DSS school culture warm and inviting. Thank you for being you and I’m grateful that you are at DSS. Thanks for adding so much joy to all of our lives.”

Wow, Mehmet. It’s clear that you are valued here at DSS. Your energy is inspiring. And, you know how to make a smile matter - even with a mask on. Congratulations once again, Mehmet. You are our Student of the Week.