Week 18

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 29, 2021

Nate C.


Downsview, for the week of March 29th, your Student of the Week is Nate C.
Nate is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

Nate’s nomination took its roots with Silvana, his mentor in the QSA Club. Here is what Silvana has to say:  “This superstar joined the QSA a couple of weeks ago and has been a superstar.   He has been vulnerable, genuine and organically grew into the QSA lead by sharing his story and leading conversations.  He is exceptional at being a role model to others and having the ability to make others feel at ease and part of a community.  Nate, you are an amazing person and I am grateful for your leadership in QSA.”

Nate’s amazing-ness has been noted in the classroom, too. Hear this, from Mr Lewin: “Nate has made noteworthy gains since the start of quad 3.  He has shown a commendable determination to achieve excellence both in school and in the larger society. Congratulations once  again  for the tremendous growth that you have shown. Keep up the good work, Nathan. The Downsview family is proud of you.” Mr Henriques notes that “Nate is very tenacious and has an inquisitive nature. It will serve him well in his future.” And Ms de Jersey says, “I have been impressed by Nate as someone willing to put in the time to forge his own path. Best of all, his quest for self-understanding has developed and changed. No longer is Nate just focussed on Nate. Nate’s energies have spread out; his generosity is now a force.  Nate is fast becoming a valued leader.”

On that note, let’s hear from Jodi, our Child and Youth Worker: “Nate's perseverance and ability to self-reflect has grown in the short time I have known him. Nate has used the challenges that he encounters to create a space for his voice to be heard and he does this not only for himself but for others around him. Nate is becoming a strong leader and voice for other youth that may not always feel ready to shine like he does! Nate is funny, Nate is kind and above all else Nate is AWESOME! Nate, You totally deserve this recognition. Be proud of yourself and all the work you have done to get here.”

Nate, you heard it here, loud and clear. Words like “leader”, “awesome”, “inquisitive” and “generous” are you. Congratulations again, Nate - this is why you have earned the title, Student of the Week.