Week 18 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
February 26, 2024

Jonah P.


Downsview, for the week of February 26th your Student of the Week is Jonah P.
Jonah is in the eleventh grade.

If you think you don’t know Jonah, think again. Jonah is one-half of our dynamic and capable stage crew. You’ve seen him readying our stage, checking lights and moving microphones. You’ve seen his care and his attention to detail. 

Let’s get right to the praise for Jonah, starting with this, from Ms D’Andrea: “Jonah is an amazing member of our Downsview community. He is an enthusiastic member of our Arts and Culture SHSM program and has demonstrated focus and care in his sector-specific learning. He is also the manager of our Downsview stage crew and is the most reliable, helpful and responsible leader. Jonah sets up the auditorium for all of our assemblies and events. He arrives early and gets the job done well. I always feel less stressed when Jonah is around because he is so helpful and cooperative when it comes to preparing for school wide events. Jonah is also a student in my class and demonstrates kindness and hard work each day. I am so proud of Jonah and wish him congratulations on earning Student of the Week!”

From Mr Pasian: “Polite, conscientious and hardworking are words I would use to describe Jonah. He was motivated to get his credit in mathematics last semester, and even though it wasn't his preferred subject he stuck to it and completed his math credit.”

And, from Ms de Jersey: “Teaching Jonah in English class was a delight. Jonah had my back when screens weren’t behaving, he jumped enthusiastically into classmates’ presentation, even adding an accent to his scripted lines, and he made me smile every day. Jonah may be the least judgemental person I know; he gives everyone a fair chance.  I also learned a lot about Elvis Presley under Jonah’s tutelage. Jonah’s connection with this old-school icon speaks of his rather old-school values, and this is a compliment. Jonah is kind, eager to learn and a great friend to others. I learned from you, Jonah. Thank you.”

And, from Ms Pal: “I have seen so much growth in Jonah especially this year.  He has become a strong self-advocate for both his learning and his pathway plans. He is developing his ability to take on leadership roles and just recently was an ambassador for the Arts SHSM program at the grade 9 and 10 assembly. He is respectful and mature, and this will undoubtedly help him to be successful in his future plans. Jonah, you should be very proud of your progress.  Good luck always!”

Ms Silvana rounds out the praise with this: “Jonah this is amazing!!!!! Congratulations!!!
Jonah is a sweet, kind student who is always so polite to staff and students and always looking to lend a hand to help. Jonah, keep being a shining star and making Downsview a school culture that is positive and giving and bright with your Elvis t-shirts!”

Positive, giving, a core part of the DSS community? That’s you, Jonah. We’re thrilled to honour you as our Student of the Week.