Week 13

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 22, 2021

Cleric (Laney) C.


Downsview, for the week of February 22nd, your Student of the Week is Cleric C., known to many as Laney. Cleric is in the ninth grade.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are living in strange times. CoVid has resulted in a necessary masking of our faces, and sometimes, we can feel that the best parts of us are also masked. With limits on our engagement, it can be a struggle to be known in an authentic way. And yet, people rise up. People are noticed. Cleric is one of these individuals.

Hear this, from Mr Syal: “I had the pleasure of teaching Laney during the first quad. She is very organized and dedicated to school.  Her final project on Mars was exemplary. She is going to be a leader and a role model for our students.  Laney, welcome to the Downsview Family.”

Ms Piro has these words: “Laney is a very committed hard-working and independent learner. I had the pleasure to have her in my grade 9 math class in quad 2. She was very active during remote learning by posting solutions and graphs on the Google Class and participating in group discussions. I wish her the best of luck in the future.”

And, from Mr do Carmo: “Laney was in my 1st quad Exploring Technology class and she was a pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude towards school work and life show that she is a quite grounded personality. Her projects were always perfect as she made sure to double check the criteria for assignments. I was fascinated to learn everything that she was involved in that keeps her busy outside of school and her many goals that she is pursuing. Keep up the good work Laney and all the best in your goals.”

Cleric, you bring excellent qualities to our school: positive energy, dedication to your studies and curiosity about the world around you. Downsview looks forward to your burgeoning leadership. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.