Week 13

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of December 16, 2019

Sunmi O., Kunbi A. & Alexander O.

Downsview, for the week of December 16th, we honour three individuals as Students of the Week: Kunbi A., Alexander O. and Sunmi O.
All are senior level students, and all were members of the Black Brilliance Executive Team, and they are the first of a larger team of recipients of this award.

Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “This year's Black Brilliance Conference Executive are exceptional as individuals and as a team. They are all people of character, committed to their learning, but also committed to their community, or rather communities. They do Downsview proud, but their reach goes far beyond these walls. They delivered, along with so many others, a wonderfully affirming, focused, hard-hitting conference. The voice of Black youth was heard with respect and celebration. Organizing an event of this magnitude can be a grind. Detail after detail have to be worked out. Relationships that produce trust and confidence must be nurtured. Other commitments must be managed on top of it all. At any moment, the temptation to walk away from the worry and stress can be strong. The sense of responsibility can be overwhelming. This group embraced the task and excelled. As workshop leaders, mentors, tone-setters and go to trouble-shooters, they responded to every challenge they faced. It continues to be an honour to work with these fine people; I feel very lucky.”

These students have earned this award in large part due to their ability to excel and produce as a team. It follows that they are individually strong. Hear this, from Mr Hum: “If you look up the definition of a gentleman the dictionary, you will find a picture of Sunmi front and centre in a baby blue tuxedo and a matching bowtie. With his calm, well-poised demeanour, Sunmi shows respect to absolutely everyone he meets. He holds himself to a high standard in everything he does in life. Whether it comes to his academics or his presence on the soccer pitch he always gives 100%. I’m proud of his accomplishments so far but I know that this is only the start of many great things to come. Sunmi Oye, a gentleman’s gentleman!”

And hear this, from Ms D’Andrea: “Kunbi is a wonderful student and leader at Downsview. I am really impressed with her commitment and maturity that she displays as a key member of Dance Company. She is in my ballet class this semester and has shown amazing improvement in her technique and more importantly, is always working well with others and providing encouragement and a positive attitude. I can always rely on Kunbi to lead warm-up and be a team player in all dance-related activities. I'm very proud of her and feel so happy to teach her each day. Congratulations Kunbi!”

And, from Amita: “Alex, Oluwasina Olowookere is reliable, compassionate, thoughtful and is all the while most humble and unassuming. He proved to be a true leader, coordinating and tending to all aspects of Black Brilliance. From communicating and gently encouraging his peers to attend all meetings, coordinating T-shirt logo, agenda of the day, and outreach to the keynote, Alex was always there attending and coordinating all meetings. His gentleness and dedication is a real testimony to true leadership!”

The photo of our winners showcases these three students on their own. There is no adult standing by their side. This is intentional. While many adults supported this event, this student team lead the event. At the conference and in this photo, they strongly and confidently represent themselves. Congratulations once again to you, Alexander, Kunbi and Sunmi, our Students of the Week.