Week 19

Week 19

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 28th, 2022

Asher S.

Week 19


Downsview, for the week of March 28th, your Student of the Week is Asher Shin. Asher is in the twelfth grade at Downsview.

Asher’s win is timely. As a leader on the DSS Robotics Team, Asher knows long hours, he knows trouble-shooting and he knows teamwork. This past weekend, the team competed at York University. Let’s hear from Asher’s number one fan, Dr Syal: “I have had the pleasure of teaching Asher for the past four years. I see a young man growing from a boy in grade 9 to a responsible, caring adult in grade 12. During his first year at Downsview, he got his parents to donate $3000 to Downsview’s Robotics Team. His affection for his community is commendable.  He respects all his teachers, and he expects similar gratitude from others.   He has taken on a leadership role in the robotic season; when Mr. Syal needs someone to fix or figure out how the components on the bot, he is the first to step forward to help.  After working with his father during the summers, he has gained knowledge of tools, and he trains others to use tools correctly. I wish Asher luck with future endeavours. I know he wants to be a lawyer, and I know in my heart that he will make a great lawyer.”

Hear this, from Ms Susnik: “From the moment I met Asher Shin I knew I was dealing with a mature, poised and confident young man.  His ability to make others feel at ease and listened to are admirable qualities.  These qualities are demonstrated on the Badminton Team, in which Asher plays Boys Singles.  Congratulations, Asher on a job well done.”

From Ms Lee: “Problem solver, helper, creative, solution seeker, kind, funny, and fashionable are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Asher. I have not had the pleasure of teaching Asher but I did witness some impressive basketball skills in the gym during an on-call. Asher is an outstanding contributor to the Robotics team. His commitment and dedication is impressive. Whenever I visit the Robotics room, Asher is always there with tools in hand - attaching, fixing, or adjusting. He has a positive attitude and communicates well when collaborating with the team. Thanks Asher for all your hard work. I wish you and the team all the best this weekend!”

Hear this from Mr Wallace: “Asher is smart. Check. He is kind. Check. He is hard-working. Check. He is a wonderful colleague. Check. But there is something else in Asher that a lot of us could learn from, a kind of radical humility. By this I don't mean that he is weak or passive. Quite the opposite. There is a strength in knowing that things worth doing are big, take commitment, and may seem impossible to achieve at first. So Asher just starts. Small steps at first: asking questions, trying things out, and through this process a path forward appears and then the task is in hand. Whether it is robots or essays, Asher finds a way. The thing is that this kind of humility - starting with 'I don't know' - takes courage. One opens oneself up to feeling vulnerable, to being seen as weak. This approach means that you are ready to take the risk of feeling stupid, of looking stupid, but Asher shows us that we should understand these feelings as a part of the learning process. Asher's humility is not about inadequacy, but rather a kind of reverence for learning, for what the world has to offer. Asher reminds me of how I should approach ambitious tasks, and he does it quietly and with a smile on his face. Asher has much to teach us.”

Mr Lewin has this to say: “Congratulations, Asher Shin for the amazing contributions that you have made to the Downsview school community. Currently, Asher is a straight-A student who has demonstrated  a steadfast commitment to scholastic excellence. In addition, Asher is an invaluable member of Downsview 's incredible Robotics program. Asher is determined to make a positive  difference in the lives of others. Asher, we are so proud of all that you have accomplished. Keep up the exceptional work!”

And, from Ms de Jersey: “Recently, I was exploring Multiple Intelligences with a class. We are all intelligent in different ways, and in more than one way. Some of us gravitate to words, some to images, some use their body in ways that demonstrate intelligence. When I think of Asher, I think of someone who has, consciously or not, honed his intelligence in different areas - in carpentry, in robotics,  in reading, in photography, in sports, in mathematics - Asher has trained his focus in a number of areas. That Asher shares his intelligence is the best. Thank you, Asher. You’ve won this award a few times, and earned it every single time.”

Asher, you will graduate from Downsview in just a few months. We hope that you will remain part of our community, as you have certainly made your mark. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.