Week 19

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 2, 2020

Shayla V.


Downsview, for the week of March 2nd, your Student of the Week is Shayla V.
Shayla is in the twelfth grade; this is her graduating year.

Let’s get right to the praise, first from Mr Wallace: “Shayla has always had talent. She is an accomplished dancer and an astonishing writer. I have watched her develop into a disciplined, focused young woman who is also kind and generous. She knows how to battle naysayers - not with negativity, but with energy, strength and positivity. She is right to be ambitious. Every accolade she receives has been earned. But this is not just about Shayla against the world; she is Shayla with the world. She has developed a maturity that allows her to collaborate with others generously, seriously and with laughter. When Shayla is around, things are better.”

From Ms Delavinias: “It has been a pleasure teaching and coaching Shayla. She always carries herself with strength and maturity. Shayla was always someone that I turned to, to showcase certain drills/skills in volleyball and in gym class. I can't wait to hear where Shayla will land in the future, I know she will do great things. Good luck with everything, you are very deserving of Student of the Week.”

From Ms D’Andrea: “Shayla is a fantastic student in my dance composition class. She brings a wealth of knowledge and skill from her dance training on a competitive team outside of school. She has so much talent. She stays humble while learning and perfecting her craft. She works well with others and takes on a leadership role with ease. It is a true pleasure to have her in my class and I wish her all the best with her future endeavours in the dance industry- my favourite thing to tell people is “get her autograph now!” because she will be a star! Congrats Shayla!”

From Ms de Jersey: “I will line up for Shayla’s autograph and be thrilled to say: ‘I knew her when…’ Shayla was a PPC superstar last year, listening with perception and empathy and guiding our group kindly in all things Christmas. And now, as a Peer Tutor, she excels again. Mr Wallace, her teacher-mentor, relays that she is an absolute ‘rock star’, proactive and observant, owning her leadership role. None of this is a surprise, Shayla, but it is a wonder to see. Congratulations.”

From Ms Danner: “When I heard that Shayla was going to be Student of the Week, I was immediately reminded of her sunny disposition and infectious smile that she wore to class every day. Shayla's positivity and joy quickly spreads to those around her. She brings laughter to class and is a pleasure to teach. Shayla works hard and is driven both academically and in her extracurricular activities. She juggles a pretty intense dance schedule on top of her course work and seems to be excelling in everything she does. Shayla is driven and works had and it's no wonder she is being honored as Student of the Week.”

And from Mr Hum: “Shayla is a very mature student for her age. She has set her goals high for the future and is willing to work hard to reach them. In the Kinesiology class, Shayla is a perfectionist who has excelled because of her strong interest and determination to improve. This strong work ethic doesn’t stop in the classroom, but rather is applied in all aspects of her life. Shayla is truly a well-rounded individual. You can see it in the fine details when she performs her dances in the arts. Congrats Shayla and keep up the great work!”

Honour roll student, beautiful dancer, peer supporter – that’s Shayla. Thank you for your gifts; Downsview is fortunate to have you. Congratulations once again, Shayla, on your win as Student of the Week.