Week 19 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
March 4, 2024

Chellsie H.


Downsview, for the week of March 4, 2024, your Student of the Week is Chellsie H.
Chellsie is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

When the call went out to school staff for words about Chellsie, a flood of goodness rushed in. So, let’s get right to the praise, first, from Ms D’Andrea: “Chellsie represented Downsview with excellence when she was selected to attend the PC Building workshop at TMU. She impressively built a computer from scratch with focus and determination. She has also demonstrated maturity, reliability and commitment to our SHSM program. She attends each certification and event on time and ready to learn. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the program has made her very successful thus far and I'm sure that she'll continue to thrive! Congrats, Chellsie!”

Hear this, from Mr do Carmo: “I currently have Chellsie in my Grade 11 Communications Technology course. She is almost unnoticeable in class, not in a bad way. She comes in, follows instructions, and gets to work on her assignments. She is also very polite. Her quiet unassuming character can almost be mistaken for shyness. But no, she speaks up when necessary and gets things done. Keep it up Chellsie, you will go far.”

MsPersaud has this to say: “Although I have not had the pleasure of having Chellsie in my class, I have had multiple opportunities to see her strength as a leader at Downsview. Last year, Chellsie bravely took the stage to deliver a solo guitar performance for Downsview's Talent Show and this year, she's been very active in the Girls' Book Club. Even though Chellsie may initially seem like a quiet and shy individual, when she commits to a task, she does an amazing job! It has been wonderful getting to know you Chellsie. Continue to keep up the great work!”

Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “I remember when Chellsie first arrived at Downsview. She had this way of observing everything that was going on around her, some of it was very strange. Her approach was to stay quiet, but there was always this small smile on her face. She would quietly ask questions after class. She was a student of everything, a student in class, but also a student of life. Like people of quality everywhere, she has gathered good people around her. She has built her community and in doing so made our community stronger. She is a person of intelligence and integrity. She knows who she is. She observes as always, but has gone far beyond that.”

And, from Silvana: “Chellsie is a quiet strong leader.  She is involved in a few clubs and is always looking to learn and support different initiatives. Chellsie, congratulations on this well deserved recognition, we see you, we value you. Keep being the amazing leader you are!”

Finally, from Ms Lee: “It's been a pleasure getting to know Chellsie in and out of the classroom. She is a hard working, confident and dedicated student who sets high standards for herself. She works well with others and isn't afraid to try new things. 

I know I can trust and count on Chellsie. She consistently contributes her talents, thoughts and experiences in the classroom, at the Sisterhood and while helping out with SHEI benefits. I especially love the way she expresses joy by the little dance she does when she is happy or has done something that she is proud of. Chellsie, I'm a fan! Keep being you by spreading kindness and joy!”

Chellsie, you heard it here. You resonate good energy. You demonstrate strong collaboration. You build things and and you build relationships. Downsview is blessed to have you here. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.