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Week 14 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of January 9, 2017

Maria M.

Downsview, your first Student of the Week for the New Year, 2017, is Maria M.
Maria is in the twelfth grade; this is her graduating year.

Maria’s award comes at an interesting time. First, it’s a new year. This is a time when we reflect on the past and look to the future, sometimes resolving to make changes or looking at ways to adapt to the changes that come our way. And, Maria’s home life has just changed. Just a few weeks ago, her mother had a baby, adding child number nine to the expanding Marquez family. As the second oldest, there’s little doubt that Maria will take on more responsibility at home, but she doesn’t seem phased. As a young woman guided by her conscience and a fine heart, she knows that there is room for more love.

Let’s hear from DSS staff members as they speak about our Student of the Week. First, from Mr Wallace: “Maria is one of those people who is ambitious for herself, but hates to leave others behind. She works hard at her academics, her sports and her leadership, pulling others along as she develops herself. Maria is a caregiver, a connector. She makes people around her feel welcomed, respected and worthy of attention. When someone is struggling in class, she will gather assignments and patiently explain what needs to be done. She explains without judgment. She is one of the most open-hearted people I know.”

Ms Delavinias has this to say: “I am not surprised that Maria is student of the week. She is an all star! I have had the pleasure of coaching Maria this year for volleyball and she has been amazing. She is always at practice, setting up the nets and getting the girls organized. I know that Maria will do great things in the future and I am happy that Maria is the recipient of Student of the Week!” Mr Fanjoy says: “Maria, like many all of our other Students of the Week is amazing. There is something that separates her from this elite class of students, and that is her heart. I have only taught Maria once in her years here at Downsview but I am very familiar with her as a volleyball player and manager. If there is a volleyball game going on at Downsview you certainly will find Maria there. Her enthusiasm for the sport is unrivaled. Last year when we had a boys team, there was nowhere to look for a manager but her. She was the real MVP of the team. She made sure that every one of the players was informed and committed to the team. This continued again in the girls’ season and throughout this year as well. Although Downsview students often have so many things going on in school and at home she always managed to make time for Volleyball. Maria, your teammates, your teachers, and I thank you for your involvement in not only volleyball but for all the efforts you put it to make Downsview a great place to learn and have fun.”

Maria, much that is true and positive has been said of you here, but what stands out is your heart. Downsview is so fortunate to have your heart working its magic here. Thank you, and congratulations on your well-deserved win as our first Student of the Week in 2017.

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