Week 15

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of January 8th, 2018

Reymundo T.


Downsview’s Student of the Week for the week of January 8th, 2018, and the first winner of the new year is Reymundo T.

Here is what Ms. Law says:  Reymundo is an outstanding student role model who displays excellent behaviour and dedicated responsibility of taking up the attendance folder from my class every day. Thanks to you Reymundo.

Here is what Ms. Debono says:  I am so grateful to have Reymundo as a student in our Developmental Education department here at Downsview. Before being introduced to him by his teacher Ms. Woods, I heard how good Reymundo can be when it comes to fixing tech stuff. One day I decided to put him to the test and see if he could fix a multiple lighter USB jack for my car. I was pleasantly surprised at the swiftness and ease with which Reymundo put the outlet back to together. His patience and dexterity as a handyman were simply phenomenal. Not only did he fix the outlet, but followed up later on to find out if it was still in functional order. Thank you so much, Reymundo for being who you are, a very helpful kind person.

Ms. King said this about Reymundo:  Reymundo is a very special young man who comes in every morning just to say “good morning”. Reymundo has a very special job collecting attendance from numerous teachers every day. This is a great help to the office, making someone else’s job much easier. When Reymundo found out I was leaving, we would count down the days one at a time together. He was so proud of his job as I am of him being such a great help.

Here is what Ms. Woods, who nominated him says:  Reymundo is an ideal student. First of all, he is kind. He constantly scans the room to see who needs support and jumps in right away to give a helping hand, whether moving a chair so a student can sit down or helping someone open a stubborn lock. Reymundo is a home grown teaching assistant, reminding staff of Late Start days, upcoming assemblies and notes that need to go home and reminding students to get out their communication books for morning greetings.

Reymundo is also talented, as a handyman and as a techie. When furniture needs minor adjustments, he pulls out our toolbox and fixes chairs, tables and or anything else that’s broken. As for technical ability, I have my own Help Desk. Reymundo has assessed the working quality of classroom computers on a scale of 1 – 10. He’s looked at a broken keyboard, popped out the space bar and put it back in the right way so it will serve our class for another five years. He’s breathed life into a dead camera. Reymundo’s instincts for technology, which are magical to behold, always benefit our classroom.

Reymundo is sociable. Loving people and loving to talk, he can fit in anywhere, making himself and others feel at home. Genuinely caring about others comes naturally to him. He is deeply concerned about family, friends, students and staff who are ill or in any kind of distress. Reymundo would be a perfect volunteer with lonely seniors and mentally ill patients because he would see beyond their wounds to their humanity.

Reymundo also has a great sense of humour. He catches jokes on the fly and laughs at himself easily as a warm grin lights up his face.

It was a very lucky day for our class when Reymundo joined us last year.

Congratulations, Reymundo, on your win as Student of the Week.