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Week 15 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of January 16, 2017

Jenny T.


Downsview, for the week of January 16th, your Student of the Week is Jenny T.
Jenny is in the twelfth grade at Downsview. This is her graduating year.

Just last week, applications for university were submitted, and Jenny has applied for OCAD, the Ontario College of art and Design. She is currently hard at work on her portfolio, which will highlight her work through the interview process. While we wish Jenny luck in this process, we can’t know what’s ahead. What we do know, with great assurance, and what we hope that OCAD will recognize, is that Jenny is an artist.

Hear this, from Mr Wallace: “ Jenny Tchen is an artist. Bold word? Yes, and Jenny deserves it. Check out Jenny's large drawing now on view in the library. Huge. Detailed. Energetic. That art work is an astonishing achievement. There is vision in the subject matter; there is great craft and skill in the pencil work; and there is a degree of dedication to a large and ambitious project, almost overwhelming in its scope, that we can all learn from. It is okay, and even common, to say yes at the beginning, it is rarer to say yes when the work has begun but there is so much more to do ahead, and rarer still to resolve to finish. Jenny has finished this wonderful drawing. We are so thankful that she said yes to this project, and we are so excited for when she says yes again to making art.”

Ms Panavas adds: “Most people know Jenny is an incredible visual artist, however, she also excels at Drama. Throughout this semester, Jenny has show responsibility, commitment, and creativity in all of her Drama work. She has a real talent for comedy and serious subject matter. As Jenny sets her sights on great things in the art world, I hope she won't forget about her serious talent as a performer.”

Ms Prinn has also seen the extensions of Jenny’s talents. Hear this: “She is amazing. Her work on the Pride Parade last year was wonderful. She believes in equity and justice for all. This is evident throughout her work and volunteer efforts. From reconciliation and Orange Day events, to LGBTQ Jenny is amazing!”

We live in an era in which we speak of social consciousness often; we look to artists who are aware of world issues and weave these narratives into art. Through her commitments at DSS, Jenny has shown herself to be this artist. Let’s hear some final words from Silvana: “Jenny has been an integral part of QSA for many years. Besides knowing her there as a kind and beautiful person, she is a phenomenal artist. Last year, I commissioned a student to produce a portrait of Marilyn Monroe as I loved the portrait that was in the Main Office. Mr Chapman recommended that I commission Jenny. He said, ‘she`s an artist and doesn`t believe it’. I am so glad I found Jenny – I was blown away by the detail of the piece. I saw an artist emerging and one who finally believes in herself and her talents. Jenny created another piece for me and every time someone looks at it, mesmerized I tell them about the artist who didn`t think she was an artist. I often use it as point of reference for students to listen to their inner voice and trust their gut in terms of what they should do, be, or become. Jenny, I`m privileged to have received your art, and I am so proud of the artist you`ve become. Each and every art piece you create is transformative. Your latest piece in the library is spectacular. It creates a place that is alive for me; it makes me feel I`m there in the piece. I can`t wait to see your future artwork.”

High praise from all, Jenny, and well-deserved. Downsview, if you have not spent some time with Jenny’s piece in the library, check it out. Think, reflect and marvel at the messages and the artistry. Jenny, thank you for gifts. We wish you all the best in second semester and beyond. You are a very deserving Student of the Week.

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