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Week 16 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 13, 2017

Manuela T-L.


Downsview, your first Student of the Week for February 13th and the first for the second semester is Manuela T-L.
Manuela just started at Downsview in the Fall of 2016.

For several Downsview students, English is a second language. The challenge of communicating in a second language is not new; you understand the frustrations and sometimes the alienation that can accompany the journey of learning English. Sometimes, students fight the new language, sticking with what's comfortable and familiar. Other times, students embrace this opportunity, really listening and taking advantage of opportunities to speak and write English. Manuela certainly falls into this latter camp. Hear this, from Ms de Jersey: “When Mr Bovey enrolled Manuela and told me that she should be in PPC class, I was skeptical. This is a class all about communication, and Manuela spoke little English. Mr Bovey's instinct, however, was dead-on. This young woman impressed me and wowed her peers in PPC. She took time and effort to find the right words to express herself. This was a risk – few of us want to search and sometimes stumble in front of others. Manuela saw PPC as an opportunity, and her bravery, perseverance and excellent humour raised the bar in our group. I admire you, Manuela.”

And hear this, from Mr Waldman: “Manuela is an extremely capable and determined student who has been able to accomplish amazing results in the only four months she has been in Canada. I am really proud of everything she has achieved so far. This is just the beginning of great things to come.”

Ms Di Ponio adds: “I had the pleasure of teaching Manuela dance in first semester. She is a killer Latin dancer! She consistently arrived to the studio with a smile and ready to work. She wasn't afraid to take risks and gave her best efforts in learning complex choreography. Manuela recently performed in the ArtsFest Showcase, and did an amazing job. She has grown tremendously as a dancer. I am very proud of her.”

And finally, from Ms. Walker: “Manuela impressed me on the first day of class with her quiet charm and solid confidence. Her academic ability shone through, as she was able to grasp and articulate difficult concepts in literature. Keenly aware of literary nuances, and easily able to infer the deeper meaning of text, she is a talented, intelligent student. Manuela has strong family values, and respect for others around her. As an avid reader, and now, a budding writer, she is wise beyond her years, so when the English language catches up with her intellectual risk-taker brain, I can’t wait to see where Manuela goes.”

Manuela, we could all take a page from your book. The qualities that make you shine - great attitude, quiet wisdom, a deep work ethic and a willingness to take on new challenges – are qualities we should all embrace as we begin this semester. Downsview is lucky to have you. Congratulations once again, Manuela, on your win as Student of the Week.

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