Week 16

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of January 15th, 2018

Jenny L.


Downsview’s Student of the Week for the week of January 15th, 2018, is Jenny L.
Jenny is in the 9th Grade.

Opportunity knocks, and Jenny answers. She is joining, she is excelling academically, she is making things happen.

Here is what Ms. Jubinville says:

Jenny is a lovely young lady who is highly motivated.  She was a fantastic musician in her grade 9 music rotation and has since joined the after school band.  She has begun learning how to play the drums and practices most days at lunch.  She is always ready with a smile and takes on any challenges with style and grace!  Keep up the great work! 

Here is what Ms. D’ Andrea says:

Jenny is a pleasure to teach. She is very kind, polite, and always has a smile on her face.  I am so proud of her for joining the Downsview Dance Company this year. Her strong work ethic, dedication, teamwork skills and of course dance technique make her a very valuable member of our team. I look forward to witnessing Jenny's strengths develop even more as she continues here at DSS and I know that she will continue to do great things! Way to go Jenny- you're awesome!

Here is what Mr. Roberts, who nominated Jenny says:

As an individual Jenny is a model student who has shown great maturity and focus. It is only fitting that Jenny is recognized this final week of regular classes. Jenny is your typical teen. She is an avid fan of Bangtan Boy (or BTS) and has displayed many of the apprehensions of a student entering a new school environment. Since September, Jenny has adjusted well to the expectations of a high school student. Jenny is a well-rounded individual who walks to the beat of her own drum. An A-plus student, Jenny is one of the first students to arrive on time for the beginning of home form and before settling down, voluntarily sets chairs off the desks in the morning. A strong, silent leader many of Jenny’s friends follow her example. Her positive influence to creating a learning environment is infectious. Quick to find clarity from teachers, Jenny is respectful and is able to clearly articulate and advocate for herself. As a grade nine student, Jenny has tremendous leadership potential. It is my personal hope, she will find ways to develop this skill during her four years here at Downsview Secondary School.

Congratulations, Jenny, on your win as Student of the Week.