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Week 18 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 27, 2017

Jessica A. and Myrakle H.


Brianna L.

Downsview, for the week of February 27th, we are thrilled to honour three outstanding young women as Students of the Week. They are: Jessica A. and Myrakle H. of the twelfth grade and Brianna L. of the tenth grade. All students are prominent leaders in our Student Council.

DSS boasts a lot of opportunities for students to get involved. We have after school groups, clubs and sports teams aplenty. The Student Council stands out, however, as the singular club that offers voice for students by students. Working on Student Council is a big job, and the time has come to recognize three key members. From their proud mentor, Ms. Polley: “If you have enjoyed any of Student Council’s healthy lunches over the past few years—the salad bar, chili, tacos, spaghetti, and even the dance last week, then you have SC VP Myrakle Holder, Secretary Jessica Abrams and Grade 10 Student Rep. Brianna Lewis to thank. These women always give up their time after school and lunch to help cook, prep, and dish out healthy lunches almost every month. They run out to the store at a moment’s notice (even in the rain and snow) if we have forgotten an important ingredient or something that they think would make lunch that much more special.

When the dance was about to get cancelled, this force hit the hallways and in 45 minutes they had sold enough tickets to allow the dance to happen, raising money not just for SC, but Prom Committee as well. They decorate the foyer for Halloween, hide Easter eggs for our annual scavenger hunt and generally make things happen at Downsview. As leaders in this school, they are models of cooperation, passion, persistence and focus and I am proud to have been able to work and learn from them over these past three years.”

And how appropriate that accolades also come from Student Council President Tinuola: “YESSSSS!!!! Well deserved! Jessica, Myrakle and Brianna have always shown great initiative and enthusiasm when promoting an event. Truth be told, half the stuff student council plans would not run without their strong work ethic and leadership to grind and get things done! They have passionate ideas and always incorporate laughter and fun in everything they do to create a comfortable environment for others. I appreciate them so much as they always find a way to create time for themselves and others, regardless of any situation. I'm so happy and super proud of the recognition they truly deserve! Congratulations guys, and keep smiling and working hard!”

And, hear more praise From SC's other VP Maria: “The three have amazing personalities! I don't really have class with them, but being able to work with the three is amazing, they're all very enthusiastic and supportive during all the events we have in council. All three are willing to give up their time after school to volunteer to prepare for a fundraiser the next day. At times they are behind the scenes, but they make a big difference. Jessica, secretary of our council, has been in a couple of my classes; she is a very encouraging and helpful person someone you can run to and ask for advice. Brianna and Myrakle are people who can make you smile. They each really deserve to be the Student of the Week. CONGRATULATIONS.”

Brianna, Myrakle and Jessica: way to hustle and make things happen! As mentioned, so much that you do is behind-the-scenes. You are not doing what you do for personal glory, but for the good of our school. That's real leadership and DSS is better for having you. Congratulations Jessica, Myrakle and Brianna on your wins as Students of the Week.
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