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Week 19 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 6, 2017

Davida F.


Downsview, for the week of March 6, your Student of the Week is Davida F.
Davida is in the twelfth grade; this is her graduating year.

Students win this prestigious award for a number of reasons. The most common triggers for nomination are involvement and leadership. Davida ticks both of these boxes, but the spark for her win was…her spark. Mr Wallace explains, here: “Davida is a dream student. She works hard, she asks questions, she helps others, she is responsible, and she cares. What is extraordinary in addition is her sheer love of learning. When something in class clicks for her she gets this smile on her face that is electrifying. Her energy is infectious. I have watched her from Grade 9, when she would doubt her abilities, grow to the young woman she is today on the cusp of graduating who is full of confidence in her multi-dimensional intelligence. Davida is a realistic optimist; she knows that something worth having demands hard work, and she knows that with hard work she will grow in ability and confidence. Davida understands exactly what committing oneself to education can bring. Her growth is proof that the opportunity that education offers will take you far.”

More testimonies flow in about this young woman’s fine character. First, from Ms Law: “I taught Davida Fullerton last semester, and she's such a mature and responsible student who is willing to help others in need of support. She usually completes her assignments with high quality and in a timely fashion. And she has potential to do even better and achieve something greater in whatever her future endeavours will be.” Ms Alli adds: “Davida is a pleasant, kind, and inquisitive student. She is also funny, confident and an involved leader.” And, hear this, from Ms de Jersey: “Davida was a Positive Peer Culture student last year. She was wonderful – intuitive, kind and a critical thinker. I love it when students call me on things that I say and question me about my ideas. It shows that you’re listening and that you’re rolling these ideas over in your minds and evaluating their value. Davida did this often and her critical input strengthened our class. I admire Davida’s intellectual curiosity.”

And here’s proof that Davida has taken her talents beyond the classroom. Finally, from Ms Pal: “Davida has taken a leadership role within the Prom Committee. She attends every meeting and makes sure her ideas and suggestions are heard. Planning an event like Prom takes considerable initiative, collaboration, reliability, problem-solving and definitely perseverance to continue, even when the feedback can be discouraging. She is a positive force and I'm so happy that she is part of the Prom 2017. I know that she will assist in making sure that this year's Prom represents what the students want, and it will be a great celebration. “

Davida, looking back on these tributes, it seems that we’ve circled back to “dream student”. Your deep interest in learning, your generous leadership and your exemplary work ethic are admired. We congratulate you once again on your win as Student of the Week.

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