Week 2

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of September 25, 2017

Ibraheem S.


Downsview’s Student of the Week for the week of September 25th, 2017 is Ibraheem S.
He is in the eleventh grade.

Ibraheem has found his centre of excellence in the Robotics Team. He understands that a big project takes a personal investment of energy, brainpower and time. There are all kinds of places in life where we can be more efficient and take short cuts, but there are many other places where the only solution is time and effort. Not only has Ibraheem absorbed this important lesson for himself, but he has also offered that lesson to others through his example and his mentorship.

Here is what Ms. La Rosa has to say:

Ibraheem is a dedicated robotics team member, so dedicated he is often seen as early as 7:30 in the front doors, waiting for his Robotics team members.  He is a quiet man who is loud with valuable information and dedication to his extra-curricular clubs, especially Robotics.  Ibraheem is a polite student who thrives in his academics without ever complaining how to balance school, home and extra-curricular. This is such a deserving award. Congrats Ibrahim on being a stellar student.

And here is what Mr. Syal, the doctor, who nominated Ibraheem, has to say:

Last summer Downsview offered a summer school for robotics.  Ibraheem took a leadership role by teaching the grade 8 and grade 9 students. He helped the students with the building of the robot; he explained how each part worked. He organized the students into groups and assigned them tasks. He organized our tools daily to keep the environment safe for all the students. The Team and Ibraheem were able to improve the  last year’s robot by using better motor controllers, better gear boxes and pneumatic system. His continuous motivation provided to grade 8 students, led them to be successful in completing their grade 9 science credits. Ibraheem completed his grade 12 science credit with a mark of 95%. He is not only true leader but a great human being.  It is my pleasure to have him as a student, and it is equally my pleasure to nominate him as Student of the Week.

Congratulations, Ibraheem!