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Week 2 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 3, 2016

Karen H. & Joe P.


Downsview, for the week of October 3rd, we are thrilled to honour two individuals as Students of the Week. Karen H., one of our winners, is in the eleventh grade and Joe P., also our winner, is in the twelfth grade.

Karen and Joe garnered attention for Student of the Week honours through their commitment as Student Leaders. Now, let’s be clear: the 2016/2017 crew of Student Leaders is dynamite. We have a strong, focussed, fun and dedicated team. Our friends at Forest Valley tell us this is the best group of leaders they have ever seen. This is high praise. And while I am willing to bet that you will hear the names of other leaders awarded through the year, this week belongs to Joe and Karen.

Our grade nine students and our leaders spent a sunny, fun day at Forest Valley a couple of weeks ago, playing games, facing challenges as groups and getting to know each other a little better. Karen and Joe had been set up with a group, but we rearranged things so that they could fulfill a second role as yearbook photographers. Had their mindsets been different, Joe and Karen could have simply rotated through the groups, taken photos and hidden behind their cameras, disengaged. What happened, however, was quite the opposite.

Ms Alli noted that when the two moved through different groups, they stopped, helped, and became part of the group. They were clearly having fun and they let it show. They were the picture of active and engaged leadership.

From Ms de Jersey, “I remember that when Joe was selected as a Student Leader a year and a half ago, he couldn’t believe it. He’s such a humble guy. He helps others without a second thought. His warmth and generosity really stands out to me. And, I have a memory of Karen, too. I spoke with her when she was in ninth grade and considering leaving Downsview for another school. In the end, Karen stayed, and not only did she stay, she invested in us – in staying, she made a commitment to being part of Downsview. We are all very, very happy that she made this choice. I agree with Mr Waldman when he says, ‘If this school was full of Karens, I wouldn’t have a job.’” In other words, Karen, you engage in your own learning in such a way that you make it easy to be an educator here at Downsview. Several staff members have noticed that this year, you are really “stepping it up” and owning who you are – a leader.

And Mr Hum adds these words about Joe: “I haven't had the privilege of teaching Joe personally, but we do see each other a lot during various athletic events. He's got a great sense of humour and a strong work ethic. We both joke about how he's my son, but to be honest I would be very proud of him if he were my actual son.”

Downsview congratulates you both once again for all the good you bring to our school. Karen and Joe, keep up this fantastic start to the year. We look forward to continuing to share the Downsview experience with you both.

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