Week 20

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of February 26th, 2018

Ryan S.


Downsview, for the week of February 26th, your Student of the Week is Ryan S.
Ryan is in the twelfth grade.

Ms D’Andrea starts the praise with this: “Ryan impressed  me so much with his performance at the Holiday assembly this year. He has so much confidence and  professionalism as he sang. My favourite part of his performance was when he had the audience clapping to the beat of his song and he shared a big smile as a result of the warmth and enthusiasm that he created in the auditorium. Ryan is always friendly to me when we pass in the hallways and says hello. Congratulations on your win Ryan- way to go!”

Ms de Jersey adds: “Ryan touched all of us when he sang in last year’s Wizard of Oz performance. There was not a dry eye in the house. This was one of the best moments to hit our Downsview stage. Thank you, Ryan.”

Ms Karrandjas says: “ Ryan inspires all of us with his positive attitude, his willingness to try new foods and embark on new adventures. His sense of humour keeps us positive and his love for music provides joy for all who have the opportunity to hear him perform. On his experiential learning job placement, he will be working with seniors in a retirement home, spreading the joy there.”

Leila finishes the praise with this: “Ryan is an awesome kid with outstanding qualities – he is kind and generous.”

Ryan, you are much loved by the Downsview staff and students, by the whole community, in fact. This makes sense, as you are someone who brings community – you help build us up here at DSS, through your fearless talents. Thank you, Ryan, and congratulations on your win as Student of the Week.