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Week 21 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of March 27, 2017

Ronin L.


Downsview, for the week of March 27th, your Student of the Week is Ronin L.
Ronin is in the twelfth grade.

Ronin is one of three L. men at Downsview, and I bet he sometimes gets lumped together with his brothers, especially given that one is his twin. This award, however, is just for Ronin. Let’s hear about this young man’s unique qualities, starting with Ms Prinn: “I would like to nominate Ronin for student of the week. Ronin has come a long way in his studies at Downsview. He is smart, personable, and creative. Recently, Ronin joined us on a field trip to a live taping of The Current at the CBC. Ronin was passionate and engaged and represented Downsview it a really wonderful way. Ronin has a passion for creating and technological design. I can see Ronin accomplishing a lot in his lifetime, as long as he believes he can. He is quick to learn new skills, and easily teaches others what he's learned. He's open-minded, friendly and likes learning. I think everyone at Downsview knows the twins - even if they can't tell Ronin and Payton apart half the time (though I don't quite understand it). It has been a pleasure teaching Ronin over the years, and watching him become more responsible over the years. He's taught me a great many things, and will definitely be teaching me SketchUp tips and tricks before the year is over. Believe in yourself, and there is NOTHING you can't accomplish.”

And, from Mr Wallace: “I love this nomination. Ronin has never backed away from his responsibility in his decisions, even his bad ones. He owns everything. There is something deeply honourable about that, even when the circumstances would be overwhelming for any of us. His sense of courtesy, his readiness for a deep conversation, his capacity for caring for others are aspects of his character that bring a richness to Downsview's community. Ronin finds strength where few of us would; he deserves this recognition.”

Ms Valdes adds: “I just have to say that Ronin is such a polite and well-mannered boy, always pleasant to talk with and with a nice smile on his face.” Ms de Jersey notes that she would “love to have the opportunity to teach Ronin in Positive Peer Culture. He’s just the kind of person who would be a leader in PPC – full of integrity and empathy, interested in others, and deeply thoughtful. I hope I have a chance to learn alongside Ronin at some point.”

Rounding out comments about Ronin, we have this, from Ms Maloney: “I have watched Robin grow from a quiet boy into an engaged and friendly young man, always ready to help where and when he can. I feel lucky to count him as part of my family.” Well, family begets family. Ronin; since you clearly see Downsview as your home, we return the sentiment. Thank you for showing honour, honesty, perseverance and creativity. Congratulations once again to you, Ronin, on your win as Student of the Week.
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