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Week 23 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 10, 2017

Rajeb T.

Downsview, for the week of April 10th, your Student of the Week is Rajeb T.
Rajeb is in the twelfth grade, and he is a member of our DD Program.

Rajeb, when word went out to DSS staff, a flood of responses came in! We’re going to get right to the, starting with words from Ms deBono and your class: “Rajeb joined our class in late November. Right away he began showing a very gentle, caring and helpful personality towards students and staff alike. Rajeb does not wait for people to ask him to help them; he instinctively knows what is required of him. He is very independent wants to help and please staff with a job well done. He is very patient and is not easily angered. He has a very strong personality and maintains a calm demeanor at all times even when others would probably lose their temper. He empathises with others and is willing to go out of his way to help. Rajeb is an incredible team member of our classroom and has a healthy sense of humor. He enjoys a good laugh which is very contagious to others around him. We are lucky to have you in our class and are very thankful for the good times and contribution you make to make good days great and fantastic days, super. Well done Rajeb - you deserve every ounce of this moment of fame.”

From Ms Hance: “Every morning, Rajeb comes to school with a smile on his face and a very positive attitude. He greets all teachers, staff and students cheerfully. He is ready to do his work immediately. He asks his teachers for instructions and follows them accordingly. He never complains about work or given tasks. Rajeb is always willing to help his teachers and classmates. No matter what goes on in our classroom, he keeps a positive attitude and encourages his classmates to do the same. Rajeb is a very special person and he can only be described as kind, cheerful, helpful and willing to learn. He is someone that makes everyone around him feel better. Thank you, Rajeb, for being such a nice young person.”

From Ms Ricketts: “Rajeb, you have certainly made a place for yourself at Downsview SS. Your warm, humble and helpful disposition lends you every opportunity for success. Why? Because you are super-fantastic and I want to thank you for your positive, respectful attitude towards your peers and our school. Your friendly smile illuminates and lightens the atmosphere for all you meet. For sharing and caring, thank you. For your hard work, thank you. For your peaceful way, thank you. For taking pride in yourself and others, thank you. Bravo – for a job well done!”

From the students and staff in room 131: “We always enjoy when Rajib comes by. He is always very cheerful and friendly and very polite :)”

From Ms Woods: “I call Rajeb a gentle giant. He is friendly, smiles sweetly and often does recycling in our room. We always look forward to his recycling visits because he is cheerful and kind.”

Ms Ceroni says: “Rajeb is an outstanding student. He works very hard and independently, He is a great assist to his school community he demonstrates kindness and caring to all greeting everyone with a smile and helping in any way he can. He constantly exhibits respect and responsibility by assisting with keeping our school tidy. You are an amazing role model Rajeb.”

From Ms Hilton: “Rajeb is one of the most good-natured, positive individuals I've ever met! He's always willing to help with any chores, especially in cooking class. He hopes one day to be a custodian; a role he would certainly excel in! I always look forward to being with him.”

Whew! The accolades from your friends in the DD Program are wonderful, Rajeb. But, we’re not finished. You are well known to ALL at Downsview. Ms Khona was thrilled to hear about Rajeb’s win. She said: “Great! He’s wonderful!” Let’s hear more, starting with Ms Prinn: “Rajeb is an amazing student! He is so hard working. He never stops! Always smiling he can be found throughout the school either cleaning windows, recycling or riding his bike. He is a friendly face, that is an integral part of our school.”

And, from Ms Maloney: “Rajeb is the sunshine in my day. He always has a brilliant smile on his face and he is such a lovely young man.”

Ms Alli says: “Rajeb is pleasant, friendly, always has a smile on his face, diligent, hard-working, and a good basketball player!!”

From Ms Pal: “Since Rajeb has come to Downsview, he is like a "ray of sunshine", as he always greets people with his beautiful smile and positive demeanor. His strong social skills expand into his willingness to participate in all activities, and help out wherever he can. An example, is his contribution in the Wizard of Oz performance, where he played a happy go-lucky munchkin. But Rajeb is far from a munchkin! He is often described as the "gentle giant". You will see Rajeb around the school working diligently in the recycle program. Don't hesitate to say hello, as he will always give you a happy response which will brighten your day!”

From Mr Ezrin: “Every morning I look forward to Rajeb's daily visit to my classroom. The enthusiasm and thoroughness that he brings to emptying the recycling bins and cleaning the windows is inspiring. Rajeb's unrelenting positivity is a continuous reminder of the best possible way to approach one's work. Congratulations!”

From Ms Ng: "Although I don't teach Rajeb, I see him around the school everyday helping to clean the doors in our halls. He always has a huge smile on his face and is interested in talking to me. He makes our school a better place. :)"

And, from Ms King: “Rajeb - what can I say - he is a light each day he visits the office. He always has a smile and a big hello. Rajeb works so hard with such enthusiasm , he does the recycling each and every day and also cleans all the windows. I always say we have the cleanest windows in any school. He is a pleasure to have around and when having a bad day Rajeb can brighten it for anyone.”

Finally, from Ms de Jersey: “Rajeb, I have NEVER received so many commendations from the staff about a Student of the Week. What a win! We are fortunate to have you at Downsview Seconadry School. You are, without doubt, a very deserving Student of the Week.
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