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Week 24 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 18, 2017

Jemila M.

Downsview, for the week of April 18th, your Student of the Week is Jemila M.
Jem is in the eleventh grade and this is her second win.

You ALL know Jemila. You get info from her. You hear her voice every day. Hers is one of a few voices that starts your day with clarity, with enthusiasm and with humour. Let’s hear more about this fine young woman, starting with words from Mr Wallace: “You are standing on the stage of the most famous music venue in Canada. You are facing a packed audience at Massey Hall. Your band mates and Ms. Jubinville are beside you. Hundreds of students at the TDSB Sounds of Toronto concert there too. It is time. Your solo right now. You take a deep breath and blow your horn and the mellifluous melody fills the hall. You alone play for the crowd. Your playing is sublime. You are Jemila M. There is a gift in you that finds its expression in front of others through dance, through radio, through music. You honour the gift, you let it out. You share it with the world. You must enjoy it, that feeling, but you don't make it about you. This is not an ego trip. This is about what the performance needs. You are an easy collaborator, you are about the team, doing this thing together. And your approach is the same: calm, a smile, a joke, gentleness. You allow others to relax around you, you allow them to shine. You know what makes you happy, and because you do, others are happy around you. Jemila, keep it going; what a gift.”

Ms Haines adds: “Jem is a wonderful young person. She is an inquisitive learner with a strong sense of social justice. I admire her ability to easily spot injustice and to give her voice to stand up for what is right. Jem has a wonderful sense of humour, is easy to laugh and is a joy to be around. Jem enriches the student experience at Downsview by lending her voice, her joy, her talent and her time.” Mr Paisian has this to say: “Jemila is courteous and polite. She is a student who is well-rounded and has many interests. She is currently doing very well in her grade 11 math course. She has a strong desire to do well in everything that she does.”

Given Jem’s recent solo at Sounds of Toronto, it seems right to finish the accolades with words from Ms Jubinville: “Jem is a lovely young lady. She is responsible, friendly and talented. Many of you may not know this, but Jem is quite good at playing tenor saxophone. She has been committed to the after-school band, never missing a rehearsal, and always striving to improve her craft. This year when we played at Massey Hall, it was Jem’s time to shine as a soloist, and she did a fantastic job. I'm proud of her and how much she has grown as a musician over the last three years. Thanks you Jem, for all your hard work!”

Jem, all those who know you know the truth. You are great “solo” and you are great as part of a “team”. You’re great in class, and you’re great as a part of the extracurricular engine that keeps our school vibrant. You’re just great. Period. Congratulations to you once again on your win as Student of the Week.

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