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Week 25 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 24, 2017

Shenel W.

Downsview, for the week of April 24th, your Student of the Week is Shenel W.
Shenel is in the eleventh grade and this is her third win.

When Ms de Jersey let Shenel know that she had won this award, her brother Shon was there, and he was not at all surprised. Nor was anyone else. For lack of a better word, Shenel is a “floater” nominee. This bears some explanation. In reality television, a “floater” is a contestant who does little, but gets by from week to week. This is certainly not Shenel. Her nomination has “floated” in a different sense: Shenel could have won this award at any moment to date this year. The question was not that it would happen, but when it would happen. Shenel starts most days helping out in the Breakfast Club. On Dare 2 Inspire fundraising days, she is the first one in the door, despite not being an official member of the group. Shenel stretches across polarities with grace: she is gentle and kind, but she is not a doormat, she is mindful of others, but she is has a strong, intelligent voice, she is super-involved, but welcomes others warmly. In other words, she does not wrap her involvement around her like a cloak of exclusivity. Instead, she welcomes others in. What a wonderful human being.

Let’s hear from others, first, Ms Veoli: “I have had the pleasure of teaching Shenel in my grade 11 English class, and it has been an absolute joy. Shenel is a young woman who exudes true strength of character – she speaks with conviction, yet is consistently kind and empathetic. She prioritizes academics, but also dedicates her time to helping others and volunteering for many initiatives around the school. She’s also a firecracker, this one, with many talents, including dancing and teaching Mrs. Veoli about the CORRECT way to walk in heels. We are lucky at Downsview to have so many strong, young women, and Shenel is certainly one of them. I may have let it slip on one occasion that I hope my own daughter turns out a bit like her. Congratulations Shenel. You deserve this.”

And, from Mr Wallace: “Shenel has this way of getting herself set to doing something big; she mutters to herself. She talks herself up, facing down negative thoughts, pushing them aside so that the good in her can be expressed. You can see it in the set of her jaw. Black Brilliance, dance, dance, dance, music, academics, student leadership.... you name it, she moves past. Past thinking small, past doubt, past obstacles. She gets to another place: I can do this, and then to an even more powerful place: we can do this. Shenel generously brings it, making any group she is a part of strong, productive, energetic. When I grow up, I want to be on her team.”

Ms Sulaj has this to say: “Shenel is a lovely young lady. She is polite, responsible, friendly and talented. She is a student who is well-rounded and has many interests. She is very organized; I am so impressed by her binder and notebook neatness and organization, her punctuality and readiness to work. She is currently doing very well in her grade 11 Biology course. She has a strong desire to do well academically and in every school activity that she is involved .Congratulations Shenel!”

And, given that Shenel will be dancing at the prestigious tdsbCREATES show this week, it is apt that the final say comes from her admiring dance teacher, Ms DiPonio: “Shenel Williams - This young lady is a powerhouse! Have you seen her dance?! Her natural swag and raw talent are undeniable. She is a fantastic dancer and has been an active member of the dance program and Downsview's Dance Club since grade 9. She plays a key role in the club, as she co-choreographed the club's hip hop and contemporary piece, which made it into tdsbCREATES Showcase this year. Shenel is a cheerful, compassionate and hard working person, with a great sense of humour. She is dependable, creative and continues to enhance her craft. Congratulations 'Shens'' 'Vybz Killah' is proud of you!”

Whew. Through your good will, amazing attitude and hard work, you have created a team of admirers. You are much loved and valued here, Shenel. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.

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