Week 26

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of April 16th, 2018

Vonne V.


Downsview, for the week of April 16th, your Student of the week is Vonne V.
Vonne is in the tenth grade.

Praise for this accomplished young woman comes from far and wide. Let’s start with this, from Monsieur Roberts: “Vonne is a great student. She comes to class prepared and accepts the challenges put in front of her.  Vonne achieved the highest mark in French last semester for the open class. Although a young student, her maturity and level head are some of the qualities that make Vonne an ideal candidate and winner of the Student of the Week award.  Félicitations, mademoiselle!”  Mr Waldman, in assisting in that class also saw Vonne as a “shining star.”

Mr Syal, Vonne’s mentor in her growing role on the Robotics Team has this to say: “Vonne is a nice, polite young lady dedicated to her school, community and family.  She was part of my robotics team and Ihad pleasure to teach her in grade 9 and in grade 10 science. She comes to class every day to learn and she helps her friends.  She helped the robotics team with posters and surveying other teams. I am looking forward to working with her for the next two years.”

Ms Randhawa adds: “Vonne has been a pleasure to teach in Civics this semester. She is in class on time and ready to learn with a smile each and every day. Keep up the positivity, Vonne!”

Hear this, from Ms Walker: “Vonne is one of the most enthusiastic students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.  She is focused and committed--never missing a deadline, or rather, as she sees it, an opportunity to push the boundaries of her skills and knowledge.  She perseveres through the tough stuff, and only a slight wrinkle of her nose tells you she is not happy with the result, or not understanding.  And those thoughts are always fleeting, quickly replaced with oozing confidence and a “back at it” attitude. She is soon head down in her work, leading and immersed in thoughtful conversation, or offering assistance while discussing the merits of a peer’s work. She is a delight and the class would be lost without her academic drive, genuine sense of humour, and ample insight. It could be said that she is one of the reasons a teacher gets out of bed in the morning.”

And that seems like a wonderful note to end with. Vonne, as an Honour Roll student with top marks in all your first semester subjects, it is obvious that you value your own education. That you are leading by example, helping others, and leaving your teachers aglow as well shows your fine character. Thank you for bringing your gifts to Downsview, Vonne. Congratulations once again on your win as Student of the Week.