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Week 27 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 8, 2017

Abigail M.


Downsview, for the week of May 8th, your Student of the Week is Abigail M.
Abigail is in the eleventh grade and this is her third win.

Let’s dive right into the endorsements for this fine young woman. First, from Mr Wallace: “Abigail makes me happy. Her very presence makes life better. She embodies many of the best aspects of Downsview spirit: she is joyful, she is optimistic, she works hard, she plays well with others, she is smart, she is capable, she is responsible. Abigail rises to a challenge; she raises those around her. She sees what Downsview has to offer and seizes it. A key voice in Radio Downsview, a key member of the awesome Downsview dance crew, a contributor in class par excellence. She sees no reason not to be joyful and it is infectious. This is not to say that Abigail faces no obstacles, but that she knows deep inside she has the strength to face them. Life at Downsview can be good. Life at Downsview is good. Few people show us how to embrace these truths better than Abigail. By her actions, by her example, she is a wonderful role model for students and adults alike.”

Mr Hum adds: “Abigail is one of the strongest student leaders we've had in the DAA and athletics department. Her super positive attitude is infectious and she brings her A-game to every situation. There's no doubt in my mind that with her skill set she will do great things in the future wherever she ends up.” Ms Alli notes that Abi is “funny, pleasant, committed, involved and a good team player.” Ms de Jersey agrees with Mr Wallace: “This girl’s attitude catches. Seeing her warm smile and hearing her confident voice in the morning gets my day going right. Abi doesn’t seem to spend much time in life considering what’s missing or what’s wrong. She just uses what’s in front of her and creates. Period. Abi creates. I bet she could stage her own festival and call it just that. I will buy a ticket!”

And finally, let’s hear from her admiring dance teacher, Ms DiPonio: “I've had the pleasure of teaching Abby first and second semester. If you asked Abby ‘How do you feel about dance?’ She'd respond by saying: ‘Dance is life!’ Abby's talent and passion for dance runs through her 24/7. She has been part of the Downsview Dance Program and Dance Club, since grade 9. Abby is key in the dance program. She was co-choreographer and dancer in this year's tdsbCREATES Showcase. Abby is an all-round fantastic student and person. She is kind, patient, works hard and is always willing to lend a helping hand to her peers and Downsview Staff. Whether it be the day after a performance, a late rehearsal, or if she is simply feeling under the weather, Abby shows up to class the next day with her usual positive attitude and energy. Congratulations Abs, keep shining!”

Let’s sum it up. Abigail glows as a leader, an athlete, a dancer, a strong student and a model of passion and engagement. What’s next? The sky’s the limit, Abigail. We look forward to seeing you soar in your senior year at Downsview. Congratulations once again, Abigail. You are a very deserving Student of the Week.

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