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Week 28 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 15, 2017

 Deborah O and Griffiths B.


Downsview, for the week of May 15th, we are proud to award two students with the title “Student of the Week”. We congratulate Griffiths B. and Deborah O., both eleventh grade students.

These are two strong young women, called out by Ms Khona for their “good attitudes and self-advocacy” and noted by Mr Pasian for their “pleasant natures, enthusiasm and eagerness to do well.” This nomination comes from Ms de Jersey, who has this to say: “Last year, before I knew Deborah and Griffiths well, they dropped by and asked me how students won this award. I told them that a nomination from a teacher or staff member was required, and that nominations usually happen when a student has been very involved, achieved something significant or improved greatly. I could see something in these two young women, but their growth didn’t really kick in until this year, and thus, their award is happening.

Deborah and Griffiths were in Positive Peer Culture class in the first semester of the year. Our group was small, but mighty. Griffiths, with her clear and focussed mind became a reliable, trustworthy and engaged leader. When people speak, Griffiths hears them, and she shows it – her expression lets others know that she is getting your message, and her responses convey empathy, warmth and understanding. Griffiths has a quiet power that can only grow. I have seen her gain comfort in leadership; her excitement about the recent Cross Lake visit was evident, and she was a great ambassador for the day.

On to Deborah.  At first, in PPC, what stood out was Deb’s humour. Deborah’s  energy is fun, buoyant and a little crazy –in a good way. She have no issue getting close to others and making them feel included and important– Deb wants unity and she strives to create unity. As we grew as a group, Deborah’s  leadership came to the forefront. An engaged and thoughtful listener and a supporter of her team, Deborah is a gem.

When I think of both young women and the growing power they have shown in their social interactions, I am humbled. Another area in which they have shown maturity is in the depth of their interest in their own futures. At the College and University panels, Deb and Griffiths didn’t just fly through, they spent time asking questions of representatives. They may not have their futures mapped out – who does? They are, however, thinking about what lies ahead and ready to do the work needed to make their futures unfold. Impressive. When it comes to personal growth, it’s not about where you end up, but about how far you’ve come. Deborah and Griffiths have come far, and I am honoured to have borne witness.”

Deborah and Griffiths, continue to impress us; show us who you are. As you begin your graduating year, bring your A-Games, lead by example and seek excellence. We are noticing. Congratulations once again Deborah and congratulations, Griffiths, on your wins as Students of the Week.

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