Week 29

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 7th, 2018

Lorrie Rose S., Isabel S. and Sevcan U.


Downsview, for the week of May 7th, we are once again thrilled to honour three students as Students of the Week: Lorrie Rose S., Isabel S. and Sevcan U., all of the tenth grade.

Their nomination started with Mr Syal, so let’s hear from him first: “These young ladies were part of the robotics team. They worked very hard to make the team better. For the first time in Downsview’s history we had a survey team and negotiating team. They spoke to judges to explain how our team is organized. They had to speak with other teams to negotiate the game plan. These young ladies understood the game and were able to negotiate the best roles for our robot.  Lorrie, Isabel, and Sevcan each went around surveying other teams and outlining strategies for upcoming matches. The girls got lost on the way to York University but they did not give up and were able to attend the tournament and support the team.  The message for the team was clear: never give up. I am looking forward to next year when  we  have an even  better team. These young ladies are going to make us proud.”

Ms Lee adds these words of praise: “I have taught Isabel for two years and she is a member of the DSS Coders crew. Isabel comes to class ready to learn with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. She is eager to learn and willing to help others who need extra support. Isabel is a leader in my class as she is one of my "go to" people to help a new student find their way around school and the class. She is kind, patient, responsible, and displays an amazing work ethic. She is a pleasure to teach. Congratulations Isabel - this is a well-deserved recognition.

Sevcan is a positive role model in my class. She stays on task, works hard and is respectful, kind and helpful. Sevcan demonstrates pride in her work and participates in class and school based activities like Robotics and Coding. She enjoys learning new concepts and keeps the lesson going through collaboration and by asking insightful question during discussion periods. Sevan displays a positive attitude and a strong work ethic and is truly a joy to have in class. These qualities make her a great recipient for Student of the Week. Bravo!”

Isabel and Sevcan played a huge role in making the Hour of Code workshops at Downsview and Humberside Collegiate successful. These girls helped lead the workshops to teach students, staff, community members, VPs and Superintendents how to code! They were always on task, patient and professional. They are our future in STEM, Robotic, and Coding. Well Done ladies!”

Ms Randhawa adds: “Lorrie is a pleasure to teach each and every day. She is ready to learn and comes to class with a positive attitude. Keep up the hard work Lorrie!” And Lorrie, with outstanding marks in the high honours range, you are working hard and aiming high for yourself in all areas. All of your teachers comment that you are “a pleasure to teach.”

While these girls are being applauded for their leadership in the robotics area, we must recognize that leadership is leadership; this is a quality that filters out into all corners of school and personal life. Thank you, Lorrie, Isabel and Sevcan, for sharing your strength. We look forward to seeing you shine in the future and we congratulate you again on your wins as Students of the Week.