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Week 3 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 11, 2016

 Efrain R.

Downsview, for the week of October 11 th , your Student of the Week is Efrain Ramirez.
Efrain is in the twelfth grade.

Friday, September 30 th was a big day at Downsview. This school showed so much orange spirit. The vibe was great, Downsview looked fabulous on three news networks and we spread awareness about residential schools and indigenous issues in our country. Loads of students helped make the day great. One of them was Efrain.

Let's hear about Efrain, from Ms Prinn: " Efrain has taken a leadership role in our project working with Mikisew School in Cross Lake, Manitoba. After learning about Residential Schools, and the hardships that Cross Lake has faced in the last year, losing many in its community to suicide, Efrain was really upset - not just because of the issues, but because so many First Nation, Metis and Inuit issues are completely ignored by the media and by the general public. Efrain went to the local library asking to post our flyers to raise funds to help our sister school. He sent out messages to bloggers, and people online asking for their support; he is making a difference. On Orange Shirt Day, Efrain came ready to raise money and awareness. He baked with us the night before, he set up for the sales, he spoke to the media and became the cover shot for one of the clips from Downsview. Efrain is making a difference. He is sharing knowledge and kindness and it is making a difference. I'm excited to be working with Efrain on this project. He has taken an amazing role as a leader, and advocate. It is wonderful to see him so excited and driven by a cause that can be so hard to communicate to others. 

Efrain is a master tinkerer. He is creative and excellent at problem solving, and making things work. As an expert in 3D modelling, it will be good to have Efrain deliver some video lessons on how to use tools in SketchUp to the students of Mikisew. This is going to be great! Thanks Efrain for your passion and brilliance. Never be afraid to let it show."

Ms Panavas adds: "Efrain has made great strides in Drama class. After a slow start, he has actively engaged in our classwork and shows a real flair for comedy. I have no doubt that Efrain is on his way to being a real leader at Downsview!" Ms de Jersey thinks back to Efrain as a student in Positive Peer Culture last year: "He was interested in others, highly empathetic and generous in spirit. Attendance was his stumbling block. And while his attendance is still improving, it's lovely to see him here so much more – because when he is here, he is a force for good. We have lots of students who want to be part of events, but cut out once the festive part is over. Not Efrain – he cleaned up, swept the floor and counted stacks of change. He was Awesome with a capital 'A'."
Efrain, school life hasn't always been smooth for you, but you are turning things around. You are proof that when things aren't working, they can be made to work. You are also proof that it's a lot more fun to be in school when you are part of your school. Efrain, Downsview thanks you for your hard work and dedication. We congratulate you once again on your success in earning the title: Student of the Week.

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