Week 3

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 2, 2017

 Tutu S.

Downsview’s Student of the Week for the week of October 2nd, 2017, is Tutu S.
She is in the eleventh grade.

Tutu has made an impression in a quiet, but powerful way. She has within her several powerful pieces of wisdom: that learning is pleasurable; that effort is fulfilling; and that supporting others is its own reward.

Here is what Ms. Birta, her math teacher, has to say:

Based on Tutu’s grades, attendance and class participation, I would rate her academic performance as superior. Tutu arrives every day fully prepared to tackle her responsibilities. She always shows a willingness and enthusiasm for learning and she is always interested in supporting others. Overall, Tutu has a good reputation with her peers for being an honest and reliable student; she always considers the feelings of her peers and demonstrates equitable treatment of everyone. I consider myself very lucky because I have Tutu as my student.

And here is what Ms. Williamson, her dance teacher, who nominated Tutu, has to say:

Tutu is always curious about learning new things and, significantly, has shown drastic improvement in her ballet class in such a short time period because of her consistent dedication. She has a good work ethic and is rarely late or absent. She has a good rapport with other students and is a positive presence in my class-and I'm sure others. She is open to sharing her experiences, both cultural and personal with me and her peers, and helps to create a positive space where others feel comfortable sharing. She is involved in dance club where she enthusiastically participates. Her sweet demeanour and her curiosity for learning will undoubtedly carry her through her years at Downsview and beyond. 

Congratulations, Tutu, on your win as Student of the Week!