Week 30

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 14th, 2018

Raven E.


Downsview, for the week of May 14th, your Student of the Week is Raven E.
Raven is in the twelfth grade and she will soon graduate.

Raven returned from a trip to Cross Lake, Manitoba just over a week ago with five other DSS students plus six Humberside CI students. Every student on this trip was wonderful, fun, curious, responsible and kind. The list of superlatives could go on and on. Let it be said that Ms de Jersey and Ms Prinn didn't feel very teachery with this crew. Ms de Jersey says, “ Before the Cross Lake trip, I knew you to be a big personality, Raven, a charismatic young woman with talents in soccer and dance. I had no idea about your kindness, and was frankly blown away by its depth. I couldn't have asked for a better shotgun-rider in my minivan. You have been called 'Cravin' Raven' to point out your healthy appetite. Lucky for us, yours is a healthy appetite for LIFE. Your humour, your inclusiveness and your energy are wonderfully infectious. Thanks for guiding me around Cross Lake, Raven.”

From Ms Prinn: “Raven is a natural leader, and all around great human. Her kind heart combined with her outgoing spirit make her the ideal leader. Comfortable in any situation, with new or old friends, she makes others feel at ease immediately. During our trip to Cross Lake, Pimicickamak Cree Nation, Raven was eager to learn about traditional medicines and First Nations culture. She was the first to notice one Mikisew student's reluctance to sing at an open mic coffee house night, so Raven offered to join her on stage, holding her hand and singing with her. During our tour of school classrooms, Raven was a true leader, speaking to all of the classes and telling them about our journey. At the elementary school, Abby and Raven were quick to lead an impromptu geography lesson, asking kids to find Toronto on the map. The students had a great time finding out about our city and were super-impressed by Raven's gold tooth. Wishing you many great successes in the future, Raven. Follow your heart and continue to lead with love and kindness.”

Back at Downsview, plenty of staff members have praise for Raven. Let's start with Ms G: “Raven is a phenomenal young lady who, faced with challenges, continues to persevere and strive to be a good leader, a good friend, and a positive mentor to those she comes in contact with; while, staying true to her authentic self.  It has been an honour getting to know Raven and a blessing that she has allowed me to be a part of her life.  Congratulations Raven!”

Ms D'Andrea says: “I don't teach Raven this semester, but she is always pleasant to see while passing through the school between classes. She greets me with a kind hello, a smile, and I enjoy hearing about her success in sports, and other areas that she thrives. Congratulations Raven!” From Mr Bovey: “Raven is a powerful force who has the ability to change the outcome of any situation just by being present. Her understanding of her power is now starting to shine. Well earned, Raven!” Ms Khona notes that Raven is “friendly and helpful, a natural and dedicated leader”, and Mr Pasian calls Raven a  “very polite and courteous student, who, when she puts her mind to it, can be successful at anything.”

Mr Hum says: “Having the privilege of coaching and teaching Raven, I’ve seen her take control of a class and a whole soccer team. She’s a strong leader that leads by example. Raven is never afraid to speak her mind. Her high soccer IQ comes in handy when directing the senior boys indoor soccer team from the keeper position. Not surprisingly, Raven has already lined up a position on the Seneca Stingers soccer team for this coming school year. Keep up the great work Raven! We all look forward to seeing you excel in your soccer career.”

And, from Mr Wallace: “Downsview will never be quite the same when Raven graduates this year. She is a dynamo, one who over the years has learned how she can channel her energy to raise people up and make herself and those around her strive to do better. Raven is not perfect, who is? There have been moments when there has appeared to be a dark cloud between her ears, but those moments pale in comparison to her accomplishments. She is a powerful voice for Pride, a leader for raising consciousness about Indigenous issues, and an awesome athlete. Watching her become a mentor on the soccer team this year is watching Raven becoming her true self: a generous, encouraging, and knowledgeable teacher.”

There it is, Raven. Leagues of us are at your side, cheering you on, on this day that you take the Walk with Excellence with your fellow grads, and on this day, May 14th, that is your birthday. Congratulations, Raven, on this, your second win as Student of the Week, and happy birthday to you.