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Week 30 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of May 29, 2017

Fuad M.


Downsview, for the week of May 29th, your Student of the Week is Fuad M.
Fuad is in the eleventh grade at Downsview.

There is lots of praise for this fine young man from all corners of our school, so let’s get right to it. First, from Ms Prinn: “Fuad has grown into an outstanding, responsible young man. His excellent sense of humour, friendly outgoing personality and compassion are easily seen. During the visit of students and staff from Cross Lake, Manitoba Fuad was friendly, and concerned about making our guests feel welcome. He ensured that all of the students had a great time, showing them the sites and really taking the time to get to know them. Fuad is now determined to one day visit his new friends on the reserve. For the Canada 150 Plus celebrations Fuad assisted in showing students from our feeder schools around, and he broke a sweat digging holes for trees, mulching, and cleaning up. He even staying after school to ensure that all the trees were well watered and cared for. Fuad is a great person. He is compassionate. He does what is right and looks out for people. He has been a regular member of the chess and boards game club and an outstanding cross country runner. As one of the coaches of cross country I can honestly say I have never seen a runner finish a race with one shoe and still make the city finals!”

Wow! That’s dedication – running with one shoe. Ms Alli, Fuad’s other coach adds this: “Fuad is a kind, hard-working, funny and smart young person. He was a dedicated member of this year's Cross Country Team, faithfully attending morning practices and racing in grueling competitions. Fuad is deserving of this honour!”

Mr Ezrin comments further on Fuad’s commitment to our lands: “Fuad selflessly contributed to improving the environment and improving the school by staying late to complete the watering of the trees and plants for Downsview's 150+ tree planting initiative. His tireless efforts will lead to increased chances of survival for our newly reforested area, which will provide clean air and shade for years to come.”

Further, as Ms Veoli notes: “Fuad is a student who, at his very core, cares about his own progress and improvement in English class. He has taken it upon himself to clarify, understand and redo tasks in an attempt to improve his skills in the course. He is consistently kind, respectful and positive in the classroom. He is a pleasure to teach and I'm happy to have him as my student!” Mr do Carmo adds that “Fuad is currently in my grade 11 Comm. Tech. course. He always works hard towards making sure he meets all criteria in his assignments. He is not shy about asking to clarify an expectation or to ask for assistance. This has helped him maintain excellent grades in my course. He is also a very friendly person to all and gets along well with others. Well done Fuad. Keep up the good work.”

There you have it, the story of Fuad at DSS. Passionate about connections with people, passionate about our lands, committed to his academics, good to his teachers and his peers, and unabashedly showing leadership. Others could take a page from your book. This is who you are, Fuad. You are a leader and you are growing in this role. We look forward to seeing you soar as you enter your graduating year. Congratulations once again Fuad; you are a very deserving Student of the Week.

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