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Week 31 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of June 5, 2017

Neome A.


Downsview, for the week of June 5, your Student of the Week is Neome A.
Neome is in the twelfth grade and she will graduate soon.

With only a few weeks left until the end of the school year, it is difficult to select students for this award. There is a long line of high-achieving, engaged individuals who are worthy of honour. What was not difficult, however, was noticing Neome at the front of this line. At a time when students are understandably stressed out and sometimes cracking under the pressure, Neome is managing this busy time with a smile. Ms de Jersey notes that Neome is “one of the most gracious people I have met. Working with her on dare 2 Inspire initiatives has been a pleasure. She works hard without complaint, she knows how to be a student. Neome is a good friend to her friends. I would want her kindness and smarts in my corner if I was in need of support.”

Silvana agrees: “Neome is a well-rounded balanced student, who is also juggling so many things. You wouldn’t know because she handles it with grace and a smile despite any stress she’s feeling. Neome is a polite student and she’s been a pleasure to work with. Congrats, Neome on your well-deserved win of Student of the Week.”

Ms Birta adds these words: “I had the pleasure of teaching Neome grade 10, 11 and 12 Mathematics. From the first day of class, Neome impressed me with her ability to deal with difficult concepts, her thoughtful responses to questions and her passion and sensitivity in exploring art. Throughout the years, Neome has always been an active participant in our daily discussions and has always supported her peers. Her caring nature and personality allows her to work well with others.. In a team setting she respects other opinions, even when they differ from her own. I am more than certain that Neome will continue to do great things in her future. Neome is truly a STANDOUT individual, who will impress everyone she meets. I will miss you, Neome.”

From Ms Piro: “Neome currently is a student in my grade 12 Calculus class. I know her from last year as a participant in the Waterloo Mathematics contests. She is a very mature girl with a strong personality. She puts a lot of effort in math and always tries to be independent. I appreciate her approach of taking things seriously and not talking much. I wish her well in her future studies at the post-secondary level and am confident that she will continue to show determination and is going to be diligent in her work.”

And Mr Wallace rounds out the applause with this: “There is a spirit in Neome that extends beyond intelligence, beyond determination, beyond creativity, all of which she has in abundance. Her spirit comes out of a deeply positive place where challenge is possibility. Neome faces challenges with a smile and a stoic, but joyful heart. She understands what she needs to grow; she understands the gifts she has within her; she understands her duty to honour those gifts. But again that duty she feels is a joy. As a result of her approach, she is stronger, more capable, better ready to face the next challenge. And whether it is in class, in the musical, in the Filipino Leadership Group, with the metal mural, or with her peers, she inspires. She is deeply respectful of others, but is us who say of Neome: Respect! Thank you.”

Perhaps this is the best way to end your speech Neome, with thanks to you, from all of us, for modelling calm within the storm, for being an inspiration, for being a fine citizen of our school. Ms Birta noted that she will miss you; we will all miss you. Congratulations and best of luck to you, Neome, our Student of the Week.

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