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Week 32 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of June 12, 2017

Dexter C.


Downsview, for the week of June 12th, we crown our final Student of the Week for the 2016-2017 school year. Our Student of the Week is Dexter C., and Dexter is in the eleventh grade.

At our annual Recognition Breakfast, you saw all of our students of the week displayed in a slide show, their photos separated by words that describe their character. Perseverance, hard work, involvement and leadership were some of the descriptors you saw. As you hear more about Dexter, you will see these qualities in him.

Let’s start with words from Mr Marlowe: “Dexter's work ethic is exemplary in the wood shop. He is always punctual and he has near perfect attendance and a natural skill for doing quality work in the Construction shop. He offers help to his peers without any hesitation or expectation of reward. He works well independently and does not get distracted easily, which allows him to stay focused and complete tasks quickly and accurately. Due to his efficiency he often has time to help me (Mr. Marlowe) and the other students with school based projects for the DD classes, tree planting plaque mounts and the sets for the play. Safety is important in the shop and Dexter rarely needs to be reminded about wearing safety glasses and he consistently follows safe operation procedures in regards to using machines and hand tools. He leads by good example and has a remarkable way of interacting in positive ways with his fellow students. Dexter is new to Canada and has been here for 9 months. In that time he has vastly improved his language skills. In closing he manages all of this while holding down a job at a local bakery where he works part time four days per week. It has been a pleasure having you in the Construction shop program this semester, Dexter. Keep up the good work!”

Dexter brings a positive influence to other spaces, too. Hear this, from Ms Walker: “Dexter is new to my class this year, and he is an absolute pleasure to have. He is pleasant, respectful and always offers a warm smile, even in early hours of period one. Dexter, or “Deexta,”as he was known in our class during the Hunger Games. has a small, but solid group of friends. He has quietly matured into an academic and social risk-taker. Peers have to listen closely to Dexter, as many of his thoughts are said quietly, but they are said with quick wit, and a keen grasp of the concept which are well worth the attention. He has assumed a greater leadership role in the classroom, and is often assisting peers. He is a keen observer, a constant, with well-respected opinions, that both teacher and peers have grown to count on.”

Dexter, as we all feel the pressure and stress of the final weeks of school, you remind us how much we can accomplish when we set our minds to hard work. In only nine months, you have created a new home, both in Canada and at Downsview. You model for others academic integrity and all-round character. Dexter, thank you, we wish you continued success and we salute you, our final Student of the Week for this year.

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