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Week 5 - Student of the Week

Downsview Secondary School
Student of the Week
Week of October 24, 2016

Carla N.

Downsview, for the week of October 24th, your Student of the Week is Carla N.
Carla is in the twelfth grade; this is her graduating year and this is her fourth win.

Let's get right to the words of praise for our winner. First, from Mr Wallace: “Carla is an extraordinary human being; it is truly an honour to share the same school with her daily. What doesn't she bring to school every day? Her intellect, her passion, her caring, her energy, her optimism, and I could go on. So many things, good things, run in this school because of Carla. What is simply extraordinary is to see that she leaves nothing on the table when it comes to her studies. All these extra-curricular things are happening, but then her academics continue to soar. She pulls so many fellow students along with her by her enthusiasm, encouragement and her acumen. She gets it and shows others how to get it too. Carla's recent Me to We award is justly earned. Keep it going, Carla: Downsview is a better place for having you in it. Awesome!”

From Silvana: “Carla is an integral part of our school. Since she came to Downsview she has blossomed into an incredible student leader, mentor, and friend to many. Besides the many clubs she participates in, she always has time to help someone in need or someone new to the school. I have seen this happen! Thanks for always being someone staff can depend on when we need a strong student voice.”

From Mr Fanjoy: “Carla is amazing. She strives everyday to make the lives of the Downsview students better. She is involved with so many initiatives around this building and the community to name them would only mean I am missing some of them. Carla is a very focused and driven individual. If you do not know who she is all you have to do is look around the school and you will find her. She is a force. Someone I am so lucky to have come through my classroom. Every time I see Carla I cannot help but smile as she is prove of what determination can do to a young person. Keep up the great work. My heartfelt congratulations go out to you as you are being honoured today.”

Mr Syal adds: “She is a true leader. She does not shy way from representing her school. I am glad she is a spokesperson for the Downsview Robotics Team.” From Ms Jubinville says: “Carla is a lovely young lady with a friendly smile who is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is a hard worker and an absolute joy to have in class. A little known fact about Carla: she rarely frowns! Her positive attitude is contagious.” Ms Alli sums up the wonder of Carla with these adjectives: “ kind, funny, helpful, committed, positive influence, hard-working, involved.”

Hear this, from Ms Prinn: “Carla is an amazing force at Downsview. She is a natural leader, and is incredibly involved. During Orange Shirt Day she was interviewed on the spot, and was so well-spoken and kind. Her words really hit home with the staff at Mikisew School who later saw the media coverage and were moved beyond words by all that DSS students have done. Her work in class is always impressive and detailed. She prides herself on quality. She is a wonderful student and great person. Carla should be confident in knowing that she is well respected, and liked for just being herself.”

Ms Sulaj has this to say: “I have a great pleasure teaching Carla in grade 11 and grade 12 Biology. She is remarkable student. Carla is genuinely interested in learning new concepts all the time and consistently has a positive attitude toward learning. She is exceptionally responsible, reliable and volunteers always with a wide smile to help out her peers. She is well organized, task oriented, reliable, punctual, respectful and enthusiastically involved in all the activities in Biology classes. It has been a great pleasure seeing her grow and excel as a student and individual. Keep up your excellent work Carla and best wishes in your future.”

And, from Ms de Jersey: “Carla, I join the long line of staff in proclaiming that I am a fan. Seeing you on stage at the We Organization's Evening of Inspiration was just so right. You deserve the honour of winning the Sovereign Governor General's Award for Volunteerism. You were one of only ten winners of this prestigious award. Well done. Carla, you are an activist in the best way; your sense of duty comes from a love of people and a devotion to being the best person possible. I am a better teacher for knowing you.”

Well, Carla, you have heard praise from all corners of our school. Thank you for being such a fine example of strong, smart, inclusive and humble leadership. We salute you, Carla, as our very deserving Student of the Week.

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