Downsview S.S. Yearbook

At Downsview S.S. the yearbook is designed by the Yearbook class that runs both semesters. The first semester focuses on choosing the theme, creating the cover and mainly creating the "mugshot" pages of Staff and Students. The second semester focuses on the teams, clubs, events and grad photos pages.

If you are interested in being part of the yearbook production, make sure to sign-up for the course.

TGG3M1 - Grade 11 Yearbook - (prerequisite not required)
TGG4M1 - Grade 12 Yearbook - (prerequisite: Grade 11 Yearbook or Grade 11 Comm. Tech.)

2020-21 Yearbook

This years yearbook will be 56 full colour pages.
It is expected to arrive the second week of June.
Due to the difficulties that the virus has created for many families, the Downsview Admin team has decided that part of the cost of the yearbook would be covered. Normally the yearbook is $35. This year, the cost of the yearbook will be $25 for non-graduating students. The yearbook can be purchased online, through "School Cash Online" until Feb. 26, 2021.
Grade 12 graduating students, there is another plan in the works for you. So, if you are graduating this year, do not purchase a yearbook.

2020-21 Theme Winner

The theme for the 2020-21 Yearbook is "Shine like a star". Jazdiane C. won the theme competition during the 2nd Quad Yearbook class. Her submission is outlined below.

Shine like a star 
 "Shine like a star". Jazdiane C

Theme Colours: Black, White, and Dark Blue.

"I created shine like a star theme because high school is where everyone finds their talent or comes out of their comfort zone. Once they are out, I want them to shine like the stars. Everyone knows stars can’t shine without darkness, like in our life. We also have our own darkness and I want everyone to use that to be strong, confident and shiny like the stars."

2020-21 Yearbook Cover Winner

Congratulations to Sia C. for winning the Yearbook Cover design. Below is Sia's winning submission which will be the cover for the 2020-2021 Yearbook. 

2021 Yearbook Cover