Downsview S.S. Yearbook

At Downsview S.S. the yearbook is designed by the Yearbook class that runs both semesters. The first semester focuses on choosing the theme, creating the cover and mainly creating the "mugshot" pages of Staff and Students. The second semester focuses on the teams, clubs, events and grad photos pages.

If you are interested in being part of the yearbook production, make sure to sign-up for the course.

TGG3M1 - Grade 11 Yearbook
TGG4M1 - Grade 12 Yearbook (prerequisite: Grade 11 Yearbook or Grade 11 Comm. Tech.)

2018-19 Yearbook

This years yearbook will be 56 full colour pages.
The cost of the yearbook is $35 (or $20 included in your S.A.C. Package).
It is expected to arrive the second week of June.
You can purchase the yearbook (or S.A.C. Package) through the student office.

There are still a few issues of previous years yearbook for purchase through the student office

The theme for the 2017-18 Yearbook was "Royalty". Olivia C. won the theme competition during the 1st semester Yearbook class. Her submission is outlined below.

 “Royalty” By: Olivia C.

Theme Colours: Maroon, Black, White and Gold

The theme “Royalty” can be left open to interpretation. To some it will mean the road that they took through high school or whichever year they entered in. To graduates it could also mean the new road that they are embarking on to a higher more advanced part of their growing/life. Adding a crown or anything that involves a royalty graphic at the bottom of the page keeps the theme on each page without interfering with the content. I chose the colours maroon (red), white, black and gold because I feel they best describe royalty and still represent the school colors.

Yearbook Cover Winner

Congratulations to Andy V. for getting the most points in the Yearbook Cover voting. Thanks to all those who voted. Below is Andy's winning submission which was the cover for this 2017-2018 Yearbook. 

Grad Comments

Grad Comments submission, for the 2018-2019 Yearbook, will be available from Monday Jan 14, 2019 until Thursday March 21, 2019.

If you have taken a grad photo and wish to submit a comment to go along with your photo in the yearbook, click on the link below. Your comment cannot exceed 140 characters. Comments must be school appropriate and in English. Any comments that are found to be inappropriate will not be used.

The deadline for submitting grad photo comments is by the end of the school day on Thursday March 21st. No exceptions will be made so make sure to submit your comments on time.

Once you have taken your Grad Photo, Submit grad comments here.

To access the Google form used, you must have activated your TDSB student email and be logged on with your TDSB student logon. If you are having issues accessing the form. Make sure that you have activated your TDSB Student email, through Academic Workspace, then try again.