For Parent Volunteers

How You Can Help Us 

 The TUSC staff welcomes the parents / other adults who accompany a teacher on TUSC program. Your assistance is needed and appreciated. As a volunteers we ask that you please lead by example throughout the day and follow these safety and protocol guidelines. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Download "How You Can Help Us" as a pdf

During the Program...

  • you are encouraged to participate in activities
  • listen to instructions so that you are able to help students complete their tasks, but please, don’t do their work for them!
  • if the program includes special equipment, be sure you understand how to use it
  • if you are unsure what you can do to help the students, please ask us


When using Public Transit

  • Make sure students:
    1. wait in the area designated by TUSC staff
    2. stand in a group; note: on subway platforms, students stand beside their partner so that one person’s shoulder touches the platform wall
    3. stand still while a count is taken (counts are taken regularly)
    4. get on the same subway car/streetcar/bus (use all doors)
    5. remove backpacks
    6. are seated or holding on to a handrail while on any form of public transit
    7. are respectful of others at all times (talking in low voices, not blocking doors, etc.) 
  • in case the door closes on the subway and you are left behind with students:   
    1. don’t panic; wait for the next subway car
    2. go to the next stop and get off, TUSC staff will meet you there 
  • can’t find someone while on TTC?:  
    1. call the TTC switchboard: 416 393-4000
    2. they will direct your call 

When out on city streets during program....

  •  keeping students safe by crossing streets at intersections, preferably at traffic lights; do not cross in the middle of a street
  • respecting other pedestrians and public space by making sure students:
    1. walk in pairs behind each other and keep to the right (if possible); do not let them spread across the sidewalk
    2. stand in out of the way places so that entrances/exits are accessible to others and rights of way are clear 
  • all activities are completed in public areas; please, do not take students into stores or businesses during any part of the TUSC program
  •  during the program, make sure students are not:
    1. chewing gum
    2. eating / snacking (unless a student is diabetic)
    3. carrying / consuming any drinks other than water 
  • make sure students leave all urban wildlife (animals and birds) and plants alone
  • please do not purchase food or drinks for students while on the trip


Problem during program?

  • call the TUSC office: 416 393-0661 
  • contact your TUSC Program Team (they will provide radios and/or cell contact number during program)