Curriculum Links Land Art

Curriculum Links: Art on the Land


  • A1. Social-Emotional Learning Skills and the Mathematical Process
    • Problem solving, reflecting, connecting, communicating, representing
  • C1. Patterns and Relationships  
    • C1.1 identify and describe a variety of patterns involving geometric designs, including patterns found in real-life contexts
    • C1.2 create and translate patterns using various representations, including shapes and numbers
    • C1.3 determine pattern rules and use them to extend patterns, make and justify predictions, and identify missing elements in patterns represented with shapes and numbers
  • E. Spatial Sense
    • E1. Geometric and Spatial Reasoning - describe and represent shape, location, and movement by applying geometric properties and spatial relationships in order to navigate the world around them

Visual Arts 

  • Creating and Presenting 
    • apply the creative process to produce a variety of two- and three-dimensional art works, using elements, principles, and techniques of visual arts to communicate feelings, ideas, and understandings; 
  • Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing: 
    • apply the critical analysis process to communicate feelings, ideas, and understandings in response to a variety of art works and art experiences