Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Apptastic! with App Inventor

By participating in App Inventor, students have an opportunity to
(direct connections are shown in bold):


Science and Technology

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Systems In Action

  • 1.1 assess the social, economic, and environmental impacts of automating systems
  • 1.2 assess the impact on individuals, society, and the environment of alternative ways of meeting needs that are currently met by existing systems, taking different points of view into consideration
  • 2.4 use technological problem-solving skills (see page 16) to investigate a system (e.g., an optical system, a mechanical system, an electrical system) that performs a function or meets a need 
  • 2.6 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including mechanical advantage, input, output, friction, gravity, forces, and efficiency, in oral and written communication


  • 3.2 identify the purpose, inputs, and outputs of various systems



Number Sense and Numeration

Operational Sense

  • solve multi-step problems arising from real-life contexts and involving whole numbers and decimals, using a variety of strategies (e.g., estimation, algorithms)




  • identify the main ideas in information materials and explain how the details support the main ideas 
  • select appropriate reading strategies - skim text for specific information; record key points...
  • use a variety of strategies to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words 
  • use the special terminology in a particular area of study...


Oral & Visual Communication

  • contribute collaboratively in group situations... (during lab work)
  • work with members in their groups to establish clear purposes and procedures for solving problems and completing projects (e.g. doing lab work)
  • evaluate the effectiveness of an informational media work... (using checklist to evaluate in Follow-up Activities)



  • depending on the app built, and its uses, other connections to the Ontario Curriculum may apply


Report Comments

Feel free to use these comments when completing reports.


  • During the Apptastic program at TUSC, *name* worked with a group to examine and experiment with logic sequences. Based on this thinking,*he/she* used App Inventor, an online program from MIT, to build and test several android applications for several different purposes.