Pre-Visit Information

Our Local Government

Pre-Visit Information

For your convenience, a partially completed 511C form is provided (pdf format). To ensure a successful day, it is essential to review BOTH the Program Specific Information below AND the General Guidelines!

Program Specific Information

1. To get the most out of the program, it is helpful if students have some basic knowledge about government; i.e. the names of the three levels of government, names of political leaders, the reason we have government, etc. The focus of the program is on Municipal Government.

2. Since students may get to meet their local councilor, they should come prepared with questions to ask the councilor about local social or environmental issues (or about the job of being a councilor).  
We recommend that students write these (edited) questions down on cards to aid in recall and confidence when speaking.

3. Before coming, remind students:

  • this program is not “an outing”, it is a “work day”
  • to behave appropriately when travelling on the TTC
  • dress appropriately - students are walking outside for part of the day
  • good sidewalk etiquette is required - walking in pairs behind each other and leaving enough space on the sidewalk for other pedestrians
  • bring a bottle of water - no drinking fountains
  • all program materials, including pencils and clipboards, are provided
4. Students need to bring a packed lunch and a drink. Water only please. TUSC is a Platinum EcoSchool - Waste-Free Lunches are expected!

5. On the day of the program, when you get to the main door of Kensington Community School, press the buzzer beside the video camera and wait for the TUSC Staff to meet you.

6. Participants need three TTC tickets (IF over 12 years):  one to get to the program, one to get to City Hall, and one to return to school.


Location and Travel Instructions

The program begins at Kensington Community School on College Street just east of Bathurst Street. The program ends at City Hall, Queen and Bay Street (west of Queen Subway Station and east of Osgoode Subway Station).

by TTC:

Go to the Bathurst Subway Station (Bloor-Danforth Subway Line); take Bathurst streetcar to College. Walk one block east on the south side of College Street.

Or take the 506 Carlton streetcar.

TUSC staff will be waiting for you outside the entrance.

by School Bus:

drop-off: In front Kensington Community School.

pick-up: Students are picked up on Queen Street, just west of Bay in front of Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall).

TUSC staff will be waiting for you outside the entrance.