Pre-Visit Information

Wild in the City

Pre-Visit Information

For your convenience, a partially completed 511C form is provided (pdf format). To ensure a successful day, it is essential to review BOTH the Program Specific Information below AND the General Guidelines!


Program Specific Information

1. Before coming, remind students: 
  • this program is not “an outing”, it is a “work day”
  • lots of energy is needed -- eat breakfast!
  • the program takes place outdoors in a naturalized area so they must protect themselves against mosquitoes and ultraviolet rays by wearing light coloured cotton clothing that covers arms and legs (no shorts); hats/caps are recommended; wear closed toed shoes (no sandals)
  • the class needs to bring insect repellent with no more than 10% DEET and sunscreen -these products should NOT be applied before coming to the program, TUSC staff will instruct the students on how to apply them correctly
  • all program materials, including pencils and clipboards, are provided

2. Students need to bring a packed lunch and a drink. Bottled water only please; sweet drinks such as juice or soda pop dehydrate students and attract bees, wasps and other insects. Since there are a limited number of drinking fountains in the park, encourage students to bring an extra bottle of water, especially if the day is warm. A short video to share with your students- Why you should bring water

TUSC is a Platinum EcoSchool - Waste-Free Lunches are expected!

3. Students need two TTC tickets: one to get to the program and one to return to school. If over 12 years.


Location and Travel Instructions

High Park is located in Toronto’s west end and is bounded to the north by Bloor Street West, to the south by The Queensway, to the east by Parkside Drive and to the west by Grenadier Pond.

by TTC:

Go to the High Park Subway Station and exit to High Park Avenue. Walk south on High Park Avenue to the main entrance to High Park (south side of Bloor Street West at High Park Avenue). The TUSC staff meets you on the grassy area at the main entrance. 

by School Bus:

Drop-off: Buses enter High Park via the main entrance on the south side of Bloor Street West at High Park Avenue and proceed to the first roadside parking area just south of the entrance (beside the Black Oak Cafe). After leaving the bus, walk back to the grassy area at the main entrance to meet the TUSC staff.

Pick-up: At the end of the day, buses pick up students in the parking lot of the Grenadier Restaurant.