Pre-Visit Information

Plants and Soil: A Bond for Life

Pre-Visit Information

For your convenience, a partially completed 511C form is provided (pdf format). To ensure a successful day, it is essential to review BOTH the Program Specific Information below AND the General Guidelines!

Program Specific Information

Before coming, have students watch The Greenhouse - a movie/podcast outlining what to expect for their visit; this reminds students: 
  • this program is not “an outing”, it is a “work day”
  • please create name tags for your students (self adhesive labels work well) -we can get to know your students quickly when we can see their names!
  • dress in layers (e.g. a T-shirt and a sweater/sweatshirt) because the greenhouse is often warm
  • bring labeled bottles of water - no drinking fountains at the Greenhouse
  • all program materials, including pencils and clipboards, are provided


Program Location and Travel Instructions:

The Greenhouse is located at 1 Danforth Avenue on the property of the City Adult Learning Centre (south west corner of Broadview and Danforth Avenues). To get there:

by TTC:

Go to the Broadview Subway Station. Walk south on Broadview Avenue and cross to the south west corner of Broadview and Danforth Avenues (Pizza Pizza). Walk west on Danforth Avenue crossing the entrance ramp to the DVP and then walk south along the path at the City Adult Learning Centre by the chain link fence. The Greenhouse is at the bottom of the stairs.

by School Bus:

drop-off and pick-up: Busses pull into the main entrance of the Adult Learning Centre (the entrance is west of Broadview and runs south off Danforth Avenue). The Greenhouse is located on the east side of the school property.