Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links: Structures in the City



Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • classify and construct polygons

Geometric Properties

  • sort and classify quadrilaterals by geometric properties related to symmetry, angles, and sides
  • sort polygons according to the number of lines of symmetry and the order of rotational symmetry, through investigation using a variety of tools


Patterns and Relationships

  • make tables of values for growing patterns, given pattern rules in words

Location and Movement

  • identify, perform, and describe, through investigations using a variety of tools, rotations of 180º and clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of 90º


Patterning and Algebra

  • describe and represent relationships in growing and shrinking patterns (where the terms are whole numbers),and investigate repeating patterns involving rotations


Patterns and Relationships

  • identify geometric patterns through investigation
  • describe patterns rules that generate patterns by adding or subtracting a constant, or multiplying or dividing by a constant, to get the next term




  • summarize and explain the main ideas in information materials and cite details that support the main ideas


  • generate, gather, and organize ideas and information to write for an intended purpose and audience